Thursday, March 21, 2013


There's a new SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO website in town!! I just received a couple of email notifications about their new site and I thought I might as well post about it here as I have always had a weak spot for this multo cool'o label. Yes, they are bootleggers and yes their dvd-r's are crappy (cos the glue on the stickers ruin the discs!!) but, hell, they love old psychotronic movie and so do we here at the ol'e Lejemorder mansion (yes, that's a royal "we"!).

I haven't really checked out the new site but one thing I noticed is that they advertise they're now taking international orders. Holy mackerel, Batman! I guess that means those of us who are doomed to live out here in the Cursed Earth (i.e. opposite of living in God's own country) are finally allowed to place orders officially! Hee-haw!!

At the old site you could also order from overseas but it was tricky as you had to order thru old-skool emails and pay directly into their PayPal account. Anyhoo, it looks good. Check it out.