Monday, October 19, 2009

L'OSSESSA (1974)

Ahh, what a wonderful world as Louis Armstrong used to sing in my home when I grew up (his records that is. Not that Louis Armstrong was actually in my house) and wonderful it is indeed. Well, the world of VHS hunting at least. Thanks to a very nice collector in Finland I'll be getting this soon...

...yes as I'm sure you're aware this is the UK pre-cert release of the Italian devil possession movie L'OSSESSA (aka The Obsessed/The Tormented). Needless to say it's an EXORCIST ripoff. And a very entertaining one at that.

The tape is letterboxed and dubbed into English. I have no idea whether it's uncut or not. It is as I mentioned the pre-cert release so I hope it's uncut. I also own the uncut Japanese VHS which is also letterboxed and has the original Italian dub! Check my old posts about it here.

Unfortunately, the only way of watching the film nowadays (unless you hunt down a VHS, obviously) is on a crappy, crappy DVD from the US; fullscreen, English dubbed + terrible picture quality. And under a retitling I'm not gonna mention here as it's so bloody awful I'll just puke my guts out (again).

(Click the two top scans for bigger size)

Thanks Kurt, yer da best! And thanks to Fred Adelman who provided the US ad mat.