Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shaw Brothers DVD sale at DDDHOUSE

There's a temporary SB DVD sale going on over at DDDHouse at the moment. Prices are down to only 45 HK dollars per film, that's just under 6 dollars US. Check out the list here. If you're someone who's fussy about not getting "problematic" versions in regards to sound issues (and you SHOULD be fussy about that) you can check with this "SB Bad Mixes Warning Thread" over on ADG here.

Yukari in action (but still looking cute tho!!)

Alright, we've seen Yukari Oshima on film sets so here's a scene of the lass in full action. This is from LETHAL PANTHER 2 (confusingly retitled Lethal Panther on UK vhs/dvd). This short scene contains more action than most American films in full!

PS: for more fun entertainment check the comments section. Talk about someone being uptight, LMAO.

what a bunch of disgusting bitchest. They killed that poor woman, massacred with a 100 bullets even though she was unarmed till blood came out her mouth!! piece of shit bitch panther!! no appreciation for womans' life. as if a woman is a peice of meat that can be rammed with bullets as her blood is enjoyed. Fucking snuff sadists. We should stop movies with slaughtering being made with or by women, its so enethically promoting to snuff. All killing is wrong but killing women is just so so wrong!

Stop, just, please STOP. My stomach is aching from laughing. Arhhh.

Ohh, Yukari!!

Someone in Japan uploaded a bunch of cool Yukari Oshima clips to YouTube! The clips are from a Japanese TV show Yukari did in 1994; A film crew would follow her around to the sets of her films and in some of the programs she interviewed people (also on film sets she wasn't in). This first segment is interesting not least to Filipino film fans as it's from a Filipino movie set (I have no idea which movie it is).

And here's Oshima with Sammo Hung on the set of DON'T GIVE A DAMN:

On the set of FIST OF LEGEND with Jet Li:

And check the Osh doing hard work on this film set in Mainland China (again, no info on which film it is):

And finally a pretty boring segment but she's just so damn cute. xD.