Friday, February 17, 2012

"Love can be weird"

I was transferring an old video tape to dvd-r the other night, it was an episode of Jonathan Ross' "For One Week Only" show that I taped from Channel 4 (England) a long time ago. At one point in the programme Nicolas Cages says, "You heard it here, Nicolas Cage said it: love can be weird!" Yeah, how true. Tonight during my travels thru Cyberspace I stumbled over the above video clip. Somewhere in some lurid back corner of the world wide web there's this guy who digs up women on skid row and asks them about their situation. It's not an honourable documentary show made to draw everyone's attention to poor women in order to help them mind you. I believe the camera guy is as far down in the sewage as they are. He's probably just not fucked up on drugs. So why watch it? It's a (brief) journey into a world some of us are far from. Is it psychotronic trash? I guess, yes. Is it entertainment? No, but interesting none the less. The moment where the camera pans over the empty book shelves and the camera guy laconic comments, "Your invisible dolls, huh" puts it all in perspective. And if it doesn't wait till he comments on the sheets.

PS: Don't watch if you're prudish.

NB: the site where the video is stored is a commercial one so there may be a spam page popping up when you click "play". Just close it like any regular page.