Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No Christmas without The Gories

What can you say about The Gories? Other than they were the coolest garage cats to ever grace this sorry ass planet! I just found a handful of clips on YouTube from an amazing session. Check them ALL out. This is why music was invented.

Yep, mighty cool... even when drummer Peggy O'Neil fucks up, haha.

Unfortunately, The Gories are no more. Mick Collins formed the band in '86 and they split around '90/91. In the old days, every time Mick Collins started getting a little bit of succes he would break up his band and start a new one, haha. And I'm not even kidding. The Gories were such an awesome garage-rock band before garage-rock became trendy a decade later and everyone thought The White Stripes invented the genre, LOL.
Anyway, you should check old some of their old records, they won't bankrupt you as they only put out two ordinary LPs before they split; "House Rockin'" and "I Know You Fine But How You Doin'". After their split Tim Warren of Crypt Records put out a third LP on his (legendary!) label; "Outta Here" that contained previously unreleased stuff and he also issued the first two albums as a single disk CD entitled "I Know You Be House Rockin'" (two tracks are missing due to a lack of space). All 4 albums are still available from Crypt Records (located in Hamburg). "Outta Here" is both on vinyl and CD. Just get them, MOFO!