Friday, November 27, 2009


My friend, bloddrikkeren från Kyrkslättan, is just too funny for his own good! PFFFT to you, Member-X!!!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Alyas Batman En Robin

While trying to find stuff for a reply to Matt Der of Belgium on Dvdmaniacs I stumbled over this trailer for the Filipino superhero film ALYAS BATMAN EN ROBIN. I've had the film on tape for well over five years (thanks Henrik) but I've never seen the trailer before. Check it out, it's good fun. I have no idea if there's a DVD or VCD release in the Philippines, this is obviously from an old video tape.

Hausu (1977)

Woo-hoo! The very cool Japanese horror movie HAUSU (aka House) is finally being released on English friendly DVD! And it even comes out on both UK And US dvd; in the UK on January the 25th and from Criterion at some stage in 2010. I've already got two prints of this film (a TV print from American TV and a fan subbed version of the Japanese DVD) and this is just great news. HAUSU is actually a kids' movie but the fact that it was made for kids just adds to the surreal weirdness of it all. Don't worry, this isn't for little kiddies and it's especially not made the way they would've made it for kids in the West. It's gory, wild, strange, and then some more wild. Check out the trailer (which is the old Japanese one but with subtitles) and the "killer lamp" clip. I urge you to get it. If you like worldweird stuff you're gonna love this.

The UK dvd:
■New digital anamorphic widescreen transfer
■Japanese with optional English subtitles
■An extensive 90-minute selection of interviews with director Nobuhiko Obayashi, co-screenwriter Chigumi Obayashi, actress Kumiko Oba and Toho promotional executive Shoho Tomiyama
■Theatrical trailer
■A luxurious booklet, with new writing, stills, promotional material and more.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Skids are coming

Don't gimme that Green Day/U2 shite! This is how it's supposed to sound!! The original version by the Skids from Scotland.

From 1978, with Stuart Adamson who later went on to form Big Country.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Every single time I go to the cinema I wish I were Sick Girl

If you're a movie fan who go to the cinema once in a while I dare you to not wanna be Sick Girl in this video. I certainly do. xD.

Sick Girl "Thank You For Not Talking" PSA

Sick Girl | MySpace Video

And besides that; I watched SICK GIRL (the movie, not to be confused with the "Masters of Horror" episode, which by the way is also totally cool!) and loved it! There's a whole thread of naysayers over on Dvdmaniacs (actually the only poster who likes it is Don May, the president of Synapse Films who released the film on dvd, LOL). Anyway, I quite liked it and thought it was good fun. Oh, and there's a docu on the dvd about Leslie Andrews, the girl who plays the fucked up main character, and, uhh, she's kinda messed up herself; For leisure time fun she's been taking death photos of herself the last three years, haha. Some boring critics keep saying the actors aren't good and all but it's a low-budget indie film so obviously you're not gonna get Jack Nicholson to star in it. Personally I didn't have a problem with the actors at all. Good fun!!

PS: The video isn't from the film but (I guess) a spot made for cinemas to get people to shut the fuck up. Cell phones, babies, teenagers, dumb people, and anything that lights up should be banned from every cinema on Earth and people should be hanged for breaking it. Very annoying.

Come to daddy little froggy

If you read one of the Scandinavian lingos you really ought to check out Søren Jacobsen's Skræk & Rædsel blog as this week has been French week with nothing but froggy horror flicks. Pretty cool! Go here.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kung Fu Zombie

Alright I may have lost out on MIRACULOUS FLOWER but I won this one; KUNG FU ZOMBIE on Ocean Shores tape. Woo-hoo. And Ian F tells me he thinks it's the longer print of the film! I sure hope he's right as I already have the short version on a UK dvd.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I so hate the internet right now!

Yeah I know. The headline is one that you'd be more likely to see on Patrick's "Bearded man" blog (and where the hell is Patrick??) but, man, I really so do hate the sack of shit that is the internet right now. Thing is I had been waiting for an auction for the über über rare Ocean Shores VHS release of MIRACULOUS FLOWER (aka WOLF DEVIL WOMAN 3) to end. And since I knew I would be there when the auction would close I'd only put $15 on the damn tape. Didn't wanna reveal how much I was willing to cough up. And then my internet connection went out to fucken lunch all night!!! Ahh man, for fuck's sake!!! And NOBODY made bids for the tape except one single asshole (probably a nice guy) who scooped it up for 15.50 dollars!!! Arrrrrrggghhhhhh!!!!!!
Oh well. Can't win 'em all I guess, haha. Well, congrats to the winner, whoever you are (and it's not like I don't have the über über rare Danish release of the film, LOL, but that cover there is just so much cooler than the lame one I've got!).

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A boring night at the office.

I know, I know, you're gonna wanna hang out with me cos I'm now the owner of these two AWESOME and mega rare tapes but, sorry no can do, you're on your own buddy. Haha.

Here's the mega über rare ntsc vhs release of THE WARRIOR AND THE NINJA on the "All American" label!!!

(click scan for proper size)

Ahhhh, finally coming home to daddy!!! The über mega overly rare release of THE RAPE AFTER on vhs from Hong Kong. In contradiction to the NOT SO RARE Japanese vhs this is subtitled in English. From someone unknown to Pete in Holland to Lars in Sweden and via Scott in Australia and, now, finally, on its way to yours truly!!! Now, gimme a WOO-WOO! xD xD xD

Friday the 13th

As you know Friday the 13th is a public holiday for horror movie fans and watching at least one horror movie on the day is COMPULSORY in celebrating the day. xD.
My film tonight was the amazing and very spooky Norwegian horror film DE DØDES TJERN (aka Lake of the Dead) from 1958. As regular readers will know (cos I've talked about it endlessly) it was released recently on a spiffy English subbed DVD. Read more here.

PS: Welcome to the latest subber, Lord_Garvals Khalikov.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tough to Kill

Ahh, I received Paul Cooke and David Zuzelo's cool book "Tough To Kill" in the mail today. Excellent! More later.

I ordered the book from Paul and David's blog dedicated the book.
Go here.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kabrastan (1988)

Not every horror movie from India is made by the Ramsay family (although it's a biiig family!) even if it may seem that way sometimes (to Westerners anyway). Here's one you might remember seeing the cover of if you've read Pete Tomb's "Mondo Macabro" book; KABRASTAN directed by Mohan Bhakri. I have this on an unsubbed (and so far un-watched) VCD. Check out this clip. It's without a doubt the best, awesomest and most horrifying horror movie every made. Okay, maybe not at all but it looks fun! LOL (altho Omar Khan, the director of HELL'S GROUND aka Zibahkhana wasn't terribly happy about it and said:

Kabrastan is unforgivably putrid and tedious crap of the worst kind and gives even the gutter level genre of Bollywood Horror a bad name!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hong Kong Film Archive

I now have a link to the Hong Kong Film Archive. Very useful! It's in the "Useful Movie Data Bases" section.

PS: Obviously the jolly gif is only to liven up an otherwise dull post.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I... am... getting... THIS!!!


This is the single best movie ever made. E-V-E-R!!! In the history of film making!!!

This is one of the RAREST tapes around!! It doesn't exist ANYWHERE!! Almost NOBODY has it!!! It's like a LEGEND!!! It does exist on dvd but only on a westernised and heavily cut German DVD!!! This is the ONLY uncut version!!! It runs 5 hours longer than the DVD!!! Yes, I'm exaggerating heavily now but, arrgghh!!! Flpff pff pff pff mouth won't work.....

This is how rare it is:
Cinehound member goblin:
this comes close to being my fave film!!!! in 10 years of searching ive never found one

Big thank-you's go out to Romps and Member-X of Cinehound!!!

Read Fred Anderson's review of the film here and Günter Müller's ditto here.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Woo-hoo!! I've finally secured getting the third and last of Hugh Gallagher's underground gore trilogy from the early 90s!! The film is GOROTICA (1993) which I've been trying to find for ages! For some reason the only film from the series which gets listed on eBay is GORE WHORE (1994), however, a couple of days ago I noticed that no less than four different sellers had it on I tried to place an order with every one them but they all had it listed for purchase in the US only! :/ So I wrote to the first one and asked if he would sell it to me directly. He said no. I asked the second one. He said no. Then today I got word from the third one and fortunately he said yes. Luckily I didn't have to try the last one as his tape was 20 dollars more expensive then the first two. The one I ended up buying was $5 more expensive than the first two but I can certainly live with that. Great stuff indeed!!! Read my review of GORE WHORE here. The first film in the series is GOREGASM from 1990.

You call that a zombie movie? That's not a zombie movie! THIS is a zombie movie!!!

Yes, it's Andreas Schnass' epic German zombie movie ZOMBIE 90 from, ehh, when was it made again... LOL. Just fantastic! Made right after VIOLENT SHIT.

In the Flesh zine printed reviews of both films way back when they first came out. Ahhh, such glory memories. Forget about past Christmases, past holidays, and past everything else. Living in the UK and reading the original reviews (and interview) of these films in that long gone fanzine is what really matters. What really counts. Hahaha.

Originally released on oldskool video tape of course but now available on DVD. I hear there's a 3 disc BluRay edition on its way (no, not really!).

Also, check out this guy's review of the film. It's almost as fun as the film itself (I'm not sure if that's sad or what) [the sound is a little low during the first 20 sec. or so but it gets better. Stick with it!]

And before we close for today, here's one more clip. Romero, you watch and learn something from this, goddammit!!!

Oh, and I couldn't help myself so yesterday I found a store that still had a brand new copy of ZOMBIE 90 on glorious video tape. It's on its way as we speak. xD. Ahhh.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

When there's no more room in Hell the dead shall walk the Earth. Again, and again, and again.

Man, it seems like there's almost as many zombie movies now as there are zombies IN THEM, haha. But hey, I'm not complaining!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Underground splatter

I was watching Andreas Schnass' VIOLENT SHIT from 1989 on video last night and thinking it's a pity gore movie fans don't make cool little over-the-top splatter movies anymore like they used to a decade and a half ago!

I know people who would (and do) dismiss stuff like the VIOLENT SHIT series but me I quite like these movies, maybe because I don't expect anything they're not! I mean these little flicks are made by splatter movie fans in their mum's backyard on a 10 dollar budget. They're just fun amateur/underground movies to make and fun with. I never quite understood how come some "serious" fans dismiss them on the grounds that they're badly made? I mean... DUH! Of course they're badly made. Anything made by "filmmakers" whose "schooling" comes from watching THE EVIL DEAD, RE-ANIMATOR and DAWN OF THE DEAD is obviously gonna be crappy, haha. But I still enjoy them heaps!

Uhh, and talking of which... look what I just bought from my good mate Kurt (aka Member-X of Cinehound) in Finland:

ZOMBIE BLOODBATH 1 & 2. There's also a part 3 but he didn't have that one. Part one was listed on yesterday and the price was a whooping 999 dollars!!! I'm not kidding! Needless to say, I didn't pay anything in that vicinity. Besides, if you're curious about these films now you can get them (all three of them) for very little on a double disc dvd - and yes I have that too but, you know, I collect video! :D

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Santa Sangre

I watched SANTA SANGRE something like 15 years ago on a video tape from the UK (a 1'st generation dupe off a tape actually) and I've wanted to re-watch it for quite some time but instead of pulling out the ol' tape I've been looking around for a good DVD release for quite awhile and, well, lo and behold, here is it: A 2-disc release from Singapore! It seems it has all the extras from the UK release except for the commentary track and I didn't have to fork over the $99 as is the price of the UK Anchor Bay release (it's £50 on Amazon UK). This (official) release was only $24 including postage. Yay! Check it here. And the cover art is certainly heaps more beautiful than the UK cover and the old video tape.

• 2-DVD Edition
• All-Region
• English Audio/Subtitles
• QUALITY English Subtitles
• Anamorphic Widescreen
• "Echek" - A short film
• Deleted scene with commentary
• "La Constellation Jodorowsky" - An 86 minute documentary
• Rare Interview with the director