Monday, November 11, 2013

James dishing it out in 1978

I'm told that crooked ex-KGB agents are working on a time machine somewhere in a secret bunker under the Gulag, and my man behind the old rusty iron curtain tells me it'll be ready soon. I can't wait for them to put it into production. I'm gonna get a five round ticket for 1978 and I'm gonna stay there for five years straight (every time we hit December you'll get thrown back to January) and I'll go to every gig by every NO-WAVE band that ever existed! And I'll get all the records (and buy extra copies and sell them at inflated prices when I get back here). This is JAMES CHANCE & THE CONTORTIONS with "Dish it out" from the fabulous "NO NEW YORK" LP. James is a Wildman so bug off!!!