Thursday, September 3, 2009

When the hell is that time machine coming? I'm all packed and ready to go

"Ahh is there ever a night when you DON'T dream about The Fall?"

I taped a radio session which THE FALL did for John Peel's show on BBC1 in the UK many yrs ago and the headline for this very post is his immediate words after the last track. I believe John ALWAYS dreamed about The Fall. :o)
For the past two days, all I've been listening to is old Peel sessions on the stereo, not from wobbly old cassette tapes mind you but from this SPIFFY CD box that contains every single session The Fall ever recorded for the Peel Show. 24 sessions over a period of 26 years. From 1978-2004. Gee!! How amazing is that!!! Well, I guess it wouldn't be if The Fall were crap but these sessions are ALL brilliant! It's difficult not to want to keep spinning these fab records over and over again. Everything sounds too bloody happy after hours and hours in the company of Mark E. Smith and his band. Haha. Someone not familiar with the band might find the box boring or way too simple (all the inner slip cases look exactly the same as the box, which by the way is printed on rough brown cardboard!) but no, this is nothing but perfected perfectionism . The Fall and Mark E. Smith in a nutshell! This is a brilliant release. You should own it.