Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Scream of the Demon Lover (1970)

Last night I mentioned SCREAM OF THE DEMON LOVER in connection with my reivew of THE VELVET VAMPIRE as the two films were shown on the same bill in the early 1970s. It seems SCREAM is slightly more difficult to get hold of, at least in a restored version like VELVET. However, it shouldn't be too hard to find as there's DVD releases out from Something Weird Video, Sinister Cinema, Retro Media, and, eh, Sling Shot (!!). I think I'll go for the SWV version. :D

Dr, Ivan Rakowsky (ERNA SCHURER) seeks employment with bio-chemist Baron Janos Dalmar, a scientist who’s been doing experiments with the regeneration of carbonized matter since the death of his brother, Igor, who was burned alive during a dangerous experiment. Rumors abound that the baron is somehow involved in a series of grisly sex murders in the nearby village.

During her first days at the estate, Ivana is plagued by terrible nightmares that some kind of half-human, half-monster brings her to the dungeons of the castle and violates her. Meanwhile in the village, the murder investigations point suspicion to the Baron and warrants further probing at the castle. And as they spend more time together, Ivana and the Baron fall in love and get married. But strangely, she is still told to stay away from one room in particular, which come to find out, harbors a hideous family secret…

Product Details

SKU: 36032
Weight: 0.25 lbs
Format: DVD-R
Year: 1970
Color: Color
Starring: Erna Schurer
Co-starring: Carlos Quiney
Other cast: Agostini Belli
Directed by: JosÈ Luis Merino
Produced by: J.L. Merino

Price: $10.00

Ricky Hui - RIP

Unfortunately I've just learnt that Ricky Hui has died (8/11/11). He was only 65. So sad. :(

Ricky Hui was one of the funniest comedians ever. He was "the human Droopy" and he starred - and was the funniest character - in the Hong Kong movie CHICKEN AND DUCK TALK (and many other films). I taped that film from a now defunct Danish TV channel in the 1990s and I must have watched it at least 10 times if not more. Here's a link to the news bit on ihktv about his passing. The page is translated by Google so it's NOT that all HK translations are in wonky English like the old VHS subtitles. Usually I'd ad a "LOL" but now it's not even funny. Ricky died. RIP buddy.

Above: Someone posted a collection of funny scenes from CHICKEN AND DUCK TALK.

Ricky Hui was also a Canto pop singer and here he is on stage with his brother Sam Hui and some other guy. I accidentally stumbled over a concert on a HK TV channel that I was able to watch (via satellite dish) in the 90s. I seem to remember it was a channel broadcasting from the UK but it was HK TV. The concert was Ricky Hui and I could not stop laughing. He was doing this probably romantic love song but he just had THAT face! He cracked me up.