Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Too violent for Danish tv (almost)

This is a re-post from January but I'm still looking for a copy of this rare TV series and since I keep getting more readers (minus the ones who leave when they find out my "One Man One Cup" isn't about a guy who shoves stuff up his ass) I thought I might as well give it another shot.

Back in the early 80s I watched an American cop series on TV called Riker. Riker was kind of a TV version of Dirty Harry and I remember it was so violent that there was talk about it being too violent for local television here. Obviously, I loved it.

Did any of you watch it? I haven't seen the show since it was on television here back then which makes it something like 25-26 yrs ago. :o

I've tried to track it down but to no avail. It seems like it's never been released on dvd or vhs. But then again, maybe there was a vhs release in the US that I don't know about. Or somewhere else. If anybody knows anything please let me know, I'd looove to track down this show and watch it again. It was short-lived, there were only 5 episodes - but those 5 episodes, Madonna mia!!

Check more info on TvRageCom.

In his eleven years on the San Francisco police force, Frank Riker has always been considered a "hot shot." His methods are unorthodox, but he has the best arrest record in the city. After single-handedly thwarting a bank robbery, Riker finds himself facing a departmental shooting investigation. He learns that due to political pressure, he will be forced to resign in disgrace, the "killer cop." At best, he can hope to be assigned a desk Job. Deputy Attorney General Brice Landis, who owes a great many favors to Riker, claims that he cannot change things, but he can offer Riker a chance to do what he does best. Not a man to watch the action from behind a desk, Riker accepts Landis' offer that he work undercover, infiltrating major criminal organizations. Only Landis and Riker will know the truth, thus eliminating any possibility of exposure. This also makes Riker's life a lonely one, for his former friends on the force quickly turn against the renegade cop.
[Description from TvRage]

The complete series:
1: Honkytonk (airdate 14/Mar/1981)
2: Sisters (21/Mar/1981)
3: Gun Run (28/Mar/1981)
4: Crime School (04/Apr/1981)
5: Busted Cop (11/Apr/1981)