Wednesday, February 21, 2018

MÄDCHEN MIT GEWALT (Roger Fritz, West Germany, 1970)

A great night in front of German television for sure! Tonight, a local German tv station (WDR) screened Roger Fritz' MÄDCHEN MIT GEWALT for the first time ever. Made in 1970 but considered so crass it's NEVER been screened on tv before. Tonight was its tv debut. 48 years after its cinematic premiere. WDR is screening two new (from 2016 and '17) cinema docs about West German genre films from the 70s ("Verfluchte Liebe Deutscher Film" and "Offene Wunde Deutsche Filme") and some of the genre films mentioned in the docs are screened as well during the next two weeks. Last night they ran Klaus Lemke's "Brandstifter" (1969) and next week they're showing stuff like Wolfgang Petersen's "Smog" (1973). 

 It was mentioned in one of the docs that Sam Peckinpah ordered a screening of "Mädchen mit Gewalt" before he made "Straw Dogs". "Mädchen mit Gewalt" is a rape drama that takes place in the duration of just one day. Sometimes these films are mere wank fantasises but this one was great. Great acting, great dialogue, crude, violent, and yet no cartoon characters. And the ending is nowhere to be found in a Hollywood film. 

Subkulture Entertainment in Germany has put it out on an English subbed dvd (no idea how good the subs are though, I hear their "Blutiger Freitag" aka "Bloody Friday" subs sucked ass).

EDIT: Jared Auner of Mondo Macabro and Worldweird blog just told me he's going to do the English subs for upcoming releases from Subkulture Entertainment. Very cool news indeed!

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