Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A handful of goodies arrived at CASA J today

I got three issues of "Shock Cinema" from Fab Press (UK) today. The zine has been going for 30 years now! Big congrats to editor Steven Puchalski. I wish "Psychotronic Video" had kept at it as well. If there's one zine that I miss it's Psychotronic Video! (and Damon Foster's Oriental Cinema!).

Also, I got the first dvd in what I believe was supposed to become a series of dvd releases from Scream Factory: TV TERRORS! i.e. telly horror/thriller/fright flicks from 1970s American TV: THE INITIATION OF SARAH (1978) and ARE YOU IN THE HOUSE ALONE (1978).

I've just finished INITIATION and I was entertained. No blood, gore or rude words but good acting and a cool little thriller. In his book "Television Fright Films of the 1970s" David Deal uses adjectives such as: pitiable, shameless, inept, half-hearted. Oh well, I beg to differ.

I alredy own ARE YOU IN THE HOUSE ALONE on a sell-thru VHS, and actually I reviewed it for a fanzine called "Ultimo Mondo Franko" 16-17 years ago. But it's nice to get an upgrade. I think I liked the film back then but I don't actually remember what I wrote, nor do I know where said zine is hiding in the piles of magazines scattered around this big mansion of mine that I live in (i.e. the shoebox sized flat that I fester in).

I wish more of these TV horror films would get released but I guess people just aren't interested (hence the series being cancelled). Quite a few of them are on youtube but I'd love to see them in a better picture quality (this dvd presents the two films in a quality that is as good as it's probably going to get I reckon).