Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Triad Story (1990) - trailer

Gee, I just discovered this one.
Another one for the definitely-gonna-get-that-one! list. xD

Oh Anthony

- and ohh Lily!!
Lily Chung that is! Queen of the Category 3 films. If I could marry a celeb I'd marry Lily (circa early 90s).

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rare ZOË TAMERLIS interview (1997)

A rare interview with Zoë Tamerlis (aka Zoe Lund) was uploaded to YouTube recently. I'm sure I don't need to tell you Zoë Tamerlis played the lead character in Abel Ferrara's MS .45 and was in BAD LIEUTENANT which she also wrote. Thanks to Derek Steckler for posting about it on Dvdmaniacs.

The interview was made by Ed Grant for a New York cable access TV show called Media Funhouse. He also wrote a piece about the interview which was posted on the station's blog. I'm being sneaky and posting it all here. I hope he doesn't mind. Nor that the TV station does. Nor that their lawyers do. Oh, and by the way, if you read Ed Grant's bio you'll see a lot of periodicals that he's written for. However, his biggest claim to fame (at least on this here site) is, NEEDLESS TO SAY, that he used to write for Michael Weldon's Psychotronic Video. :D

First posted on Media Funhouse' blog.
Angel of Vengeance, Casualty of Obsession: Zoe Tamerlis

The strangest celebrities sometimes show up at genre fan cons. Such was the case when Zoe Tamerlis, aka Zoe Tamerlaine, aka Zoe Lund, showed up at the Chiller Theatre convention back in 1997. Tamerlis will forever be best known as the star of Abel Ferrara’s kinetic and disturbing action-vengeance pic Ms. 45 (1980), which is a fusion of Death Wish and Taxi Driver. She was also a very sad drug casualty, as she died at 37, after what is referred to on several websites as “extended cocaine use, which replaced her prolonged heroin use.” She was an uncommonly beautiful model-actress who made only six features, and scripted one of Abel Ferrara’s finest works, Bad Lieutenant (1992).

When I spoke to her, she was 35 and extremely nervous. Some of this no doubt came from having to sit at a very busy convention trying to hawk rather bleary photographs of herself (she agreed to do the interview in exchange for me buying one — which I planned on doing anyway). She brought up the subject of drugs herself in the context of speaking about Keitel’s “nod” scene in Bad Lieutenant, and I must admit I was too shy to actually probe the issue, as her hands were rather shaky and had bruises on them, she was feverishly chain-smoking, and was wearing a dark mesh top that was see-through, which I didn’t realize until the interview had already begun.

She leaves behind indelible film images in the films of Ferrara (who himself has seemingly left narrative linearity behind in recent years), as well as Larry Cohen’s Special Effects. She did speak about her heroin use in a documentary about the supermodel Gia, which can be seen here. More about her life can be found here and at a very thorough site created by her husband Robert Lund at

MS .45 trailer:

PS: The reg. 1 US dvd is cut. The French dvd is fully uncut and has English audio. It's available from under the title "L'ange de la vengeance".

NB: Yes, this post is partly a reprint as I want more people to know about this rare interview and nobody reads old blog posts anyway.

Deep Blood (1989)

[I think this is a cardboard cover version]

[this is the ordinary keep case version I received. The other cover looks cooler though!]

I watched Joe D'Amato's JAWS ripoff DEEP BLOOD (original title: Sangue Negli Abissi, Czech title: Bestie Z Hlubin) yesterday and I must say it's not the world's goriest nor most scary shark movie, haha. However, it was alright. If you want lots of shark attack scenes then, well then you'll get mighty disappointed as there's a lot of stuff going on land but less (much less) happening on the sea. Someone mentioned that the film almost has a plot! (in some grotesque Bizarro World version of the Batman 1960s TV show an enthusiastic narrator utters frantically WHAT IS THIS?? ... A PLOT?? IN AN ITALIAN JAWS RIPOFF??? CAN IT REALLY BE?????? Haha.

The DVD I watched is from the Czech Republic and apparently it's the only DVD relase there is. It's fullscreen but even so the picture looks alright. The DVD is released by the Ritka Video label which also was the first company to put out Bruno Mattei's last two zombie movies, ZOMBIE ISLAND & ZOMBIE: THE BEGINNING, anywhere in the world! They've also put out Franco E. Prosperi's WILD BEASTS, unfortunately only with Czech and French dubbing. Recently I was lucky and got hold of the English dubbed NTSC tape in good condition. I got the Czech DVDs from this store (they don't take PayPal, only banktransfer).

Unfortunately I couldn't find a trailer for DEEP BLOOD on YouTube so instead here's the trailer for Bruno Mattei's CRUEL JAWS which uses scenes stolen from DEEP BLOOD anyway, LOL (and from The Last Shark, Jaws, and Jaws 2!!!).

Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Men trur jeg kan med handen på hjerte si at det er den groveste filmen fra skandinavia i historien"

Med hagla i handa og hora i panna!
Awesome! This is a new Norwegian splatter movie entitled HORA [whore] which is being released on DVD from Another World Entertainment in February of next year. I have no idea whether the movie is any good or not (feel free to send me a review copy, boys! xD) but the Scandinavian output of gore flicks is so small (read: non-existent) that just the fact that someone decides to make something like this makes it worthwhile.

According to AWE's website the film won the main prize at some film festival in Holland called But earlier this year. Also according to their website this is going to be a Norway only release (!!) I wrote to AWE and asked them about a possible release in Denmark or if fans would be able to order the Norwegian DVD from AWE or Absurd-online (kinda AWE shop) but now three weeks later I still haven't received an answer.

Anyhoo, in a thread on the Norwegian horror movie message board the director of HORA, Reinert Kiil uttered the line quoted in the headline that basically says he believes the film to be the nastiest film in Scandinavian film history. Let's wait and see if it can live up to that but it certainly sounds good!

Here's a teaser trailer:

I'd also just like to say hello to my latest follower; Raquel Crusoé from Brazil. Miss Crusoé is a famous pianist and I had a look at her blog and, eh, I have no idea what interest she would have in my crappy blog about messed up pop-culture. I thought of the possibility that someone else might have added her profile but I believe you can only do that yourself. Oh well, welcome Raquel in any case.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa Claus (1959)

More psychotronic Christmas movies. This is René Cardona's SANTA CLAUS from Mexico in which Santa fights the Devil! Cardona also directed a whole bunch of El Santo and Blue Demon movies, and also LA MUJER MURCIÉLAGO aka The Batwoman which I've mentioned here before. AWE really ought to have released this one this year instead of just re-releasing SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS! Oh well, maybe next year (it's available on reg. 1 DVD though). xD

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)

So what are you gonna watch for Christmas? Me, I may just pull out that ol'e psychotronic favourite SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS! xD

This is truly one of the most frightening scenes ever committed to celluloid!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Xmas Horror - Funny video clips are a click away

It's almost Christmas! We don't celebrate it here as Christmas is banned in Denmark (we don't even have December but 60 days of November, I'm not kidding!) but even so, merry Xmas to all you cretins out there where ever you may be. Even those of you in Norway. xD

Monday, December 21, 2009

"If I had to fuck a guy, I mean if I haaad to fuck a guy..."

...I'd fuck Johnnie To!
As a thank you for making all those brilliant, brilliant movies! Here's his latest one, or one of them anyway (he's putting them out faster than... something really fast). This cat's making TWO films a year while Hollywood directors put out 2-3 films per decade!! And that's not even counting the films he only produces!

Anyway, his new one is VENGEANCE and it's already out on DVD in Hong Kong. Needless to say he's got everyone's favourite loonatic actors Anthony Wong and Simon Yam in it and thank fuck for that! It also stars some French guy called Johnny Hallyday but Hongkong people like me don't know about these gwilo guys. I read somewhere he's a famous rock singer in France. Btw, interestingly enough, someone from Singapore mentioned in his IMDb review that he was happy the film was filmed in a mix of Cantonese and English. It seems films fully in Cantonese can't be shown undubbed (into Mandarin) in Singapore due to Singapore's censorship regulations. Wauw! Talk about censorship.

NB: The headline quotation is of course from TRUE ROMANCE but you knew that didn't you.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

THE DEVIL - not in Miss Jones but enroute to this forsaken hell hole xD

Ahh, I've lost this one in auctions a few times but tonight was my night! Yes, I'm now the happy owner of the dark and gory over-the-top (and cheesy) Hong Kong horror movie THE DEVIL from 1981, originally entitled XIE MO. The tape is English dubbed and letterboxed.

There's also a US VHS release but reportedly that version has the sound out of sync (and is probably fullscreen, altho I don't know that for sure). If you don't wanna wait for another rare Japanese VHS version to turn up on eBay I'll strongly advise you do not buy the US DVD release from Videoasia. Videoasia is a scam company that doesn't care one bit about their "releases" (and I use the term loosely, their releases are bootlegs anyway!). Their DVDs are sourced from video tapes, often really bad quality video tapes, and sometimes the sound is just fucked up beyond comprehension. My Greek VHS release of THE DOG (aka Vengeance Called a Dog) is far superior to their DVD. Imagine that, a Greek tape that's better than a DVD!

I remember one of their DVDs which I bought for a friend had both the Cantonese and Mandarin audio tracks joint together in one!! How the bloody hell are you supposed to enjoy a film with two simultaneous audio tracks running at the same time!!! Their covers are an atrocity too and by the way needless to say they used a wrong title for THE DEVIL on the DVD box and called it Devil's Express (which is a completely different film!). Hahaha. Oh mein gott, the atrocities I see, the horror, the... (rambling again). Get a boot from FarEastFlix instead.

Cover scans of the US VHS:

Usually I don't care much for reviews on the bloody IMDb but there were actually a couple fun ones that I'll blatantly steal and post here:

By Woodyanders from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
An evil, ugly, rot-faced witch casts spells on her victims that turn their insides into bugs and snakes. Meanwhile, a smooth con man named Chao marries into a well-to-do family so he can steal their money. Director Jen Chieh Chang, working from a muddled script by Luk Pak Sang, relates the ridiculously convoluted story at a plodding pace and fails to maintain a steady and even tone (the picture fluctuates wildly from being light and silly one moment to more grim and horrific the next moment!).

Yet despite these flaws, this movie remains strangely compelling thanks to its genuinely oddball plot and offbeat "anything can happen" unpredictable atmosphere. The film really kicks to life with a series of memorably vile and revolting in-your-face graphic and unflinching splatter set pieces: a luckless lady has her face smashed in with a rock at the start of the flick, a man has his stomach cut open so various writing insects can be removed from his abdomen, a possessed guy gets burned at the stake, and a few folks vomit forth plenty of slithery snakes and grody bugs.

Li Shih Chieh's acceptable cinematography, the laughably lousy dubbing, Wang Mao Shan's shivery ooga booga score, and an obnoxiously hearty little boy named Ding Dong further add to the endearingly schlocky charm of this totally disjointed, but still peculiarly entertaining junk.

by Zerozed
First off, let me say that "The Devil" is the feel good movie of the year! It's a roller-coaster ride of thrills and chills! It's a triumph of Chinese Cinema!

After watching this film, I can honestly say it is probably the finest example of Hong Kong gore. I suspect there's actually no plot to this thing--not that it matters. If you like to see one gratuitous scene after another of people vomiting snakes, worms and maggots, then this film is for you! Oh, there's plenty of erupting boils as well. And a rather fey Chinese boy dressed like the long-lost miniature Asian member of the Village People. His name is (and I'm not making this up) "Ding Dong." Mere words just cannot do this masterpiece justice.

Sell all your worldly possessions and go see this film NOW!!!!!

Lastly, and completely unrelated to THE DEVIL; I scored this tape the other day: THE LAST MATCH directed by Fabrizio De Angelis. I wasn't gonna buy it but I'm sure it'll please Paul Cooke endlessly that I went for it after having read his (or is it David Zuzelo's) review in their book Tough to Kill (why isn't the reviewer listed for each film?). Now, this better deliver the goods, mate! :D

A must see, this is perhaps the ultimate ending to the entire Tough To Kill saga, because no action film made after it in Italy would be nearly as bizarre.

4 Exploding Huts out of 5 possible

ROBOWAR trailer

I've posted a French trailer for Bruno Mattei's (highly entertaining!) PREDATOR rip-off ROBOWAR before but this Japanese one is much better. Check it out!

Upcoming documentary on the polizisco genre

This looks pretty good!

Wauw, I'm certainly looking forward to this! I don't quite understand why they're referring to the genre as "Eurocrime" when the docu is obviously only about the Italian polizisco (police) films but, hey, I can live with that. A couple of the actors have aged beyond recognition but someone like Fred Williamson is, well, very recognisable! :D
Incidentally I watched Umberto Lenzi's NAPOLI VIOLENTA (aka Violent Naples/Helvedes forgård) the other night. Great stuff indeed!!

[click scan for bigger size]

Saturday, December 19, 2009

...then the terror is taken to a new level as the rotting cadaver of Raja makes its presence felt in the most traumatizing manner...

Not everything I buy film wise is on old deleted VHS. No, really, I mean it! (haha). Here's two DVDs filled with Bollywood horror movies that I ordered the day before yesterday; First up is Do Gaz Zameen ke Neeche (trans: Two Yards Underground) directed by that crazy Ramsay family. This is their first horror movie, it's from 1972, and actually I've had it for quite some time, however my old version is an un-subtitled video-cd from India. I'm excited about this new DVD as, yes my hairy friends, it does feature English subtitles. Yay. Spiffy!

Omar Khan (who directed the Mondo Macabro produced HELL'S GROUND) reviewed the film (my headline is from his review) and amongst other things he said:

This early 70’s effort by the Ramsay family is considered to be a major breakthrough in South Asian horror. Not only did it score a huge Box office bulls eye but it also paved the way for a new wave of horror that veered away from the genteel white sari-clad ghostly figures of yesteryear to the more gory, blood curdling post-Hammer style that was to become the hallmark of local terror in times to come. The Ramsay's had long been ardent fans of the macabre and especially of the films turned out by the Hammer Studio’s in England. It doesn’t take too long watching a Ramsay film to begin to realize just how much of an influence the Hammer style has been on them.

Read his full review here. Being the moron that I am I have never read any of his Bollywood or Lollywood reviews before altho I've known about his and his brother's overly über spiffy site for quite a while. I'm certainly gonna make a change of that! His review is very funny and informative. He's a good writer... and he and his bro owns an ice cream parlor that is all about horror flicks! How cool is that. You can check out their site here. And do read their background story, it's a fascinating read. I wish more people knew about this.

- And my other new Bollywood horror DVD contains no less than three films; 7 SAAL BAAD, SHAITANI DRACULA, CHEEKH INDIAN (unfortunately all unsubbed):

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dark & Nasty HK: CENTIPEDE HORROR (1982)

[click the scan for a full blown size!]

And here's just one more über, über rare tape from that same auction (as the last post); the dark and nasty HK horror flick CENTIPEDE HORROR. It's definitely a personal favourite. I didn't win this tape though, I didn't even know about the auction and since Sleazeman2001 posted about it on Cinehound it wouldn't have been gentleman-like to make bids I don't think. Eddie mentioned it's the first time for 10 years that the tape has been on eBay! Anyhooo, I have this very nice DVD bootleg from Germany (pictured right). They try and sell it off as an American DVD but them Krauts don't fool me, it's either German or from Austria. The cover and text is perfect but they forgot to write the title on the spine the other way. In the German speaking countries they write the text on the spine the "wrong" way, i.e. so you have to bend your neck the other way when you want to read the title on a book sitting on a shelf. The DVD is taken either from the HK VHS or from the laserdisc. There is also a DVD in the US from some bootleg company called Apprehensive Films; Both on their site and on eBay they try and pull off selling the film as a legit release but IT'S NOT. Do they think their customers are stupid? Why would these fucks sell a DVD copied from vhs or LD with burnt in subs (and a fershtunkener uuugly cover) when they could get a proper print IF IT REALLY WERE A LEGIT release? Well, it isn't.

Here's a cool scene from the film, it's a bit long (7-8 min) but stick with it!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

So awesome my eyes will bleed

Okay okay, maybe I'm overreacting here but I'm pretty bloody happy about having finally won the two tapes shown on top here; TOOTHLESS VAMPIRES and MY NEIGHBOURS ARE PHANTOMS. I also got LADY VAMPIRE (aka Miss Magic) which is a film I didn't know about until yesterday but after having read about it and seen the trailer (which I posted a couple of posts back) I'm looking forward to that one as well quite a bit. Man, I can't even begin to tell you how long it is since I first read Tim Paxton's review of TOOTHLESS VAMPIRES in the US zine Naked! Screaming! Terror! #4/5: the Cinemasian Special edition (well, actually I CAN tell you as it was 1991! Haha).

Blood's A Rover (2009)

Lissen hepcats, I read old crime litterateur. You know, from the days of pulp mags and cheap pocket books, that kinda shit. Not much new stuff holds my interest really. Why would I wanna read about Swedish policemen with dandruff, ex-wives, and grown up women's lib daughters? Or even worse, why would I wanna read femi-crime books? Fuck no! I want stuff from the hardboiled days of yesteryear, when a main character wasn't a cop cos most likely he'd gotten hisself booted off the force for drinking, or being a nuisance, or simply too much of a renegade loner, or being a renegade loner and a pain in the ass nuisance. I want my private dicks to know what to do with women and stiffs, and... well, uh, rambling again. What's this leading up to you're wondering; Well, one of the few present day writers I do read is that cocksucker James Ellroy. If you only read one present day writer (or just one writer in total!), he's the one you should DEVOUR!

I just discovered this very recent YouToobe spot he's done for his new book, Blood's A Rover. Check it out, cabron!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More films on that thar much discontinued, deleted and outdated format

Here's a handful of rare tapes coming my way that you need to know about xD

The original, uncut and letterboxed version of THE BEASTS aka Flesh and Bloody Terror on Dutch VHS. Big thanks to Teade in Holland for this swap (he's gonna get some nice stuff too). I've just watched a DVD-R copy of it and it's just soo much better than the terrible Flesh version!

Ahh, another old favourite!! HAUNTED COP SHOP II on NTSC VHS. This film is so over the top wild and amazing it's just awesome. Ricky Hui is in it and I'm sure you know what that means, haha. One of the last lines in the film is the classic (?) "I'll remember him every time I urinate". xD

BEAUTY INVESTIGATOR starring the lovely (and kickass'ly) Moon Lee and Yukari Oshima. I already have this on a DVD but it's dubbed into English. I didn't have time to write the seller and ask him about this tape but I'm crossing my fingers it's subtitled.

[You can click all scans for bigger size]

Lady Vampire aka Miss Magic (1988)

Here's a Hong Kong horror movie from the 80s that I haven't actually watched. Look like great fun. I did a quick seach at Dddhouse and Yesasia and unfortunately I don't think there's neither a DVD or VCD out.

Here's a scan of the old video release:

[click scan for bigger size]

Credits from Hong Kong Cinemagic:
Director :
Fung Hak On

Action Director :
Fung Hak On

Writer :
Paang Chi Ming, Szeto Cheuk Hon

Cast :
Petrina Fung Bo Bo
Norman Chu Siu Keung
Billy Lau Nam Kwong
Bill Tung Biu
Chung Fat
Tai Bo
Teddy Yip Wing Cho
Chan Laap Ban
Ma Chao
Huang Ha

And a big hello goes out to the newest blind disciple here in my wee cult; Aaron of The Death Rattle blog which I've never seen before but it sure looks cool! Aaron also does The Mill Creek Massacre blog. Check 'em out. And I see Cinehound member Sleazeman2001 is here too. Nice to see ya buddy. Congrats with that awesome CENTEPEDE HORROR tape!!!

EDIT: Shortly after having written this post I actually won the tape shown here. Yay!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Lunchmeat #4 is here!

Great! The cool US horror flick fanzine Lunchmeat #4 has just been released. I can't really comment on it as I've just ordered it today so I'll quote the press release instead:

Come and get it, videovores! Issue # 4 of Lunchmeat is ready to be devoured!

We’ve stuffed our newest issue with in-depth reviews of cinematic curiosities such as Blood Salvage, Eyeball, Night of the Living Babes, Enemy Territory, and oodles of other buried gems that simply cannot be ignored! Also skulking around in this issue we have an interview with Carl Crew (Blood Diner, Dahmer), Rob Hauschild shares his tapes rescued right from the trash, a Killer Animals cover spread and, of course, a Living Dead themed crossword puzzle where you can win prizes. You read right: prizes!! Good ones, too!! Hell yes!! Oh, and did we mention a new and exclusive full page illustration from Putrid himself?! 'Cause that's in there, too!! Hell yes again!

What other tricks and treats await you in our newest issue? To find out, you’ll have to grab one…before it grabs you!! Keep those eyelids peeled and glued, kids! Hoooo-haaahhhhh!!!

You can buy the mag on ebay here and they still have copies of #3 left. They're $6 a pop plus postage ($4 to Europe).

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Robo Vampire (1988)

VHS/Japan/letterbox/English dub/Japanese subs.

More highbrow arthouse quality from Hong Kong! Today, I received Godfrey Ho's ROBO VAMPIRE on Japanese VHS. I've never watched it before but I believe it's a piece of quality cinema on par with, well, the best of them! XD

Incidentally, Don_fofo wrote a cool piece on the film yesterday over on his über cool blog Cinediondo. You may need Google translator. I must admit I really really like Cinediondo even if my Spanish isn't very good and even if the Google translations come out truly bizarre. Just the look of his blog is awesome!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Alapaap (1984)

[click scan for bigger size]

Multo bene! I've been hunting this Tata Esteban directed Filipino horror movie for a couple of years and now I'm finally gonna get it!! The VHS is from Japan and dubbed in English. Awesome! xD

Friday, December 11, 2009

Cool slime on a Friday

The original US trailer

How awesome is this; The original Japanese trailers!


- And finally, the complete theme song:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Emergency! Living Dead in Tokyo Bay... finally... coming to non-VSoM DVD!!!

You: How... but... huh... wha'??? Say again?!?!?!

Me: Relax baby, cool it, all is good. Hahaha.

I know, I know, you don't capisce this, do you. Nah, you don't. It's not capisce'able for you ordinary folk out there to comprehend the greatness of this so lemme try and explain, slowly.

Yes, it is true; Kazuo "Gaira" Komizu's EMERGENCY! LIVING DEAD IN TOKYO BAY (original title: Batoru gâru: Tokyo crisis wars) is finally going to be released by a legit video company!!! (I'm sure it's redundant that I mention Gaira is also behind such classics as ENTRAILS OF A VIRGIN and ENTRAILS OF A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN). No longer will fans of exotic zombie flicks have to pull out the ol'e DVD-R from Video Search of Miami (or 3rd generation dupes off the VSoM boot, haha). Sounds amazing, aye!

It's the good people (well, Don May jr.) over at Synapse who are putting LIVING DEAD out on DVD. Street date: February 23, 2010. It's already listed on Amazon. It must be something like 15 years ago since I got hold of this film the first time; on that aforementioned bootleg VHS from VSoM. Or rather on a video tape from a tapetrader in Finland copied off a boot from VSoM, haha. Then much later, very recently like one or two yrs ago, I re-bought the film on DVD-R from that thar boot company in order to get a slightly better picture quality. Their version is pretty decent enough, good picture and comes with English subtitles provided by Thomas Weisser & Co. but needless to say getting a proper DVD is gonna be so much better, not least cos for the first time it'll be presented its original letterboxed format. [EDIT: actually it's in fullscreen. Thanks Jayson]

So what's EMERGENCY! LIVING DEAD IN TOKYO BAY all about I hear you ask. Well, a deadly green meteor crashes in the middle of Tokyo harbour and panic ensues partly because the rays from the green meteor turn dead people into... zombies! (you didn't see that one coming, eh). And our heroine battle chick has to... ehh... I forget... do some stuff I guess. But very entertaining. hmm, maybe I should go and watch my boot again. :/

Anyhoo, this new spiffy DVD will contain:

- New Digital Transfer from Original Vault Materials
- Presented in the Original Filmed Aspect Ratio of 1.33:1
- Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Sound
- Newly Translated Removable English Subtitles
- All-New Video Interview with Director Kazuo “Gaira” Komizu (53 mins.)

Oh, and as you can see on the cover there's also a slight re-titling as Synapse have added the "Battle Girl" moniker from the Japanese video. Personally I think they should've left the old VSoM title as it were but, hey, that's a minor gripe.

Over on DVDManiacs Don May jr. said this about the interview:
At 53 minutes this interview on BATTLE GIRL is also quite brain melting. I think the guy must've smoked about 9 packs of cigarettes in that hour. It's so odd and crazy, we decided to just not edit it at all and have the entire thing on the disc! LOL!

PS: Synapse are (most likely) also going to release a VIOLENT SHIT box set!!! More on that later.

I guess ol' GG didn't wanna read

The dead are in their graves and you are dead. Understand!

I'm by no means an expert on this genre but this is one of my favourites and this is a pretty cool trailer (plus the title music is awesome!). :D

VIVA DJANGO was released in Germany as a Trinity brothers film, haha. I have it on tape (I actually wrote a long comparison article in Banned in Britain #1 fifteen yrs ago) and it's hilarious. The German title is Joe, der Galgenvogel [lit. trans: Joe, the Gallows-bird] The original version is a cold and cynical western, very violent and relentless. The Germans changed the entire dialogue so it became a comedy along the lines of the real Trinity bros films. The fact that Bud Spencer's character isn't there is even explained in the new dubbing. I wish someone would subtitle the German print and release it. It's a laugh riot. In the original version there's one scene where Django in a cold manner shoots a guy in the eye. Well, we can't have that in a funny western aimed at 12 y.o. boys in Germany so the scene is explained by a voice over who says something along the lines of "I did the old powder-in-the-eye trick; instead of shooting I blew powder into his eyes", hahaha. In another scene Django shoots a guy in the back but this is cut out and explained with some more voice over: "I let him ride away, there's been enough killings". Haha.

Here's the awesome intro song in full followed by the amazing shoot-out at the end (the uploader basically cut away the entire middle part, lol). I really should check out if there's CDs out there with only spaghetti western soundtracks on 'em. The bad guy is played by German actor Horst Frank who had one of the best bad guy faces ever.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Gory-Glory #3

The new issue of Gory-Glory fanzine is out now. Expect a review later. Until then you can check their ordering info here. Sorry, all of it is in Swedish.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Scoop up them ex-rentals!

Henrik Larsen of Obskuriøst magazine is selling out of his collection of rare video tapes. Quite a few German peplum tapes (in German) and horror movies (in English) and then some. Go here. Write for info on prices (I can't see an email address but you can use the comments section).

(click for bigger scan)

Last of the Zombies

Hey hey heey!! I finally got hold of the Japanese video release of Bruno Mattei & Lucio Fulci's big masterpiece ZOMBI 3 (Japanese title: SANGUELIA 2). Awesome!!! I've been on the lookout for that one for quite a while. So what this means is that I now have the video version of ZOMBI 3 on video and the DVD version of ZOMBI 3 on DVD - whereas most of you losers out there have to settle with Media Blasers' or Another World Entertainment's cut 'n' paste DVD version which basically means you've got the video version AND the DVD version all in one*. Video-on-DVD, hahaha.

Check the DVD cover here.

*i.e. the MB/AWE DVD is taken from a cut master which had the censored bits reinserted using a video tape as source for the censored bits.

Friday, December 4, 2009


I watched DEVIL TIMES FIVE tonight and, whoah, what a cool, bizarre and devilish wee horror flick this is! Five kids from a car crash turn up at a guest house in the middle of a snow engulfed nowhere. Guess what happens. No, actually, DON'T guess! Get the film! It's an awesome slice of obscure 1970s American horror. And there's quite a bit of cheesy gore too so I'm happy as happy can be. You should be happy too: Check out this fine but sadly often forgotten entry to the American 70s horror cinema.

I watched the film on an NTSC video tape. I received the tape yesterday and the eBay seller I bought it from stated the cover was "in good condition". Obviously we speak very different kinds of English as his definition of "good condition" left enough room for the cassette to be cut on ALL sides! Hell, the right side of the cassette was completely missing and so was the top! But hey, the tape itself had PERFECT playback ALL THE WAY THRU THE FILM!!! Wauw!!! How often does that happen with tapes from 1984!!!

DEVIL TIMES FIVE is also out on a widescreen reg. 1 DVD but the tape is open matte and it looks just fine! Anyhoo, no matter your format of preference just get it. You'll thank me for it later. xD

Friday, November 27, 2009


My friend, bloddrikkeren från Kyrkslättan, is just too funny for his own good! PFFFT to you, Member-X!!!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Alyas Batman En Robin

While trying to find stuff for a reply to Matt Der of Belgium on Dvdmaniacs I stumbled over this trailer for the Filipino superhero film ALYAS BATMAN EN ROBIN. I've had the film on tape for well over five years (thanks Henrik) but I've never seen the trailer before. Check it out, it's good fun. I have no idea if there's a DVD or VCD release in the Philippines, this is obviously from an old video tape.

Hausu (1977)

Woo-hoo! The very cool Japanese horror movie HAUSU (aka House) is finally being released on English friendly DVD! And it even comes out on both UK And US dvd; in the UK on January the 25th and from Criterion at some stage in 2010. I've already got two prints of this film (a TV print from American TV and a fan subbed version of the Japanese DVD) and this is just great news. HAUSU is actually a kids' movie but the fact that it was made for kids just adds to the surreal weirdness of it all. Don't worry, this isn't for little kiddies and it's especially not made the way they would've made it for kids in the West. It's gory, wild, strange, and then some more wild. Check out the trailer (which is the old Japanese one but with subtitles) and the "killer lamp" clip. I urge you to get it. If you like worldweird stuff you're gonna love this.

The UK dvd:
■New digital anamorphic widescreen transfer
■Japanese with optional English subtitles
■An extensive 90-minute selection of interviews with director Nobuhiko Obayashi, co-screenwriter Chigumi Obayashi, actress Kumiko Oba and Toho promotional executive Shoho Tomiyama
■Theatrical trailer
■A luxurious booklet, with new writing, stills, promotional material and more.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Skids are coming

Don't gimme that Green Day/U2 shite! This is how it's supposed to sound!! The original version by the Skids from Scotland.

From 1978, with Stuart Adamson who later went on to form Big Country.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Every single time I go to the cinema I wish I were Sick Girl

If you're a movie fan who go to the cinema once in a while I dare you to not wanna be Sick Girl in this video. I certainly do. xD.

Sick Girl "Thank You For Not Talking" PSA

Sick Girl | MySpace Video

And besides that; I watched SICK GIRL (the movie, not to be confused with the "Masters of Horror" episode, which by the way is also totally cool!) and loved it! There's a whole thread of naysayers over on Dvdmaniacs (actually the only poster who likes it is Don May, the president of Synapse Films who released the film on dvd, LOL). Anyway, I quite liked it and thought it was good fun. Oh, and there's a docu on the dvd about Leslie Andrews, the girl who plays the fucked up main character, and, uhh, she's kinda messed up herself; For leisure time fun she's been taking death photos of herself the last three years, haha. Some boring critics keep saying the actors aren't good and all but it's a low-budget indie film so obviously you're not gonna get Jack Nicholson to star in it. Personally I didn't have a problem with the actors at all. Good fun!!

PS: The video isn't from the film but (I guess) a spot made for cinemas to get people to shut the fuck up. Cell phones, babies, teenagers, dumb people, and anything that lights up should be banned from every cinema on Earth and people should be hanged for breaking it. Very annoying.

Come to daddy little froggy

If you read one of the Scandinavian lingos you really ought to check out Søren Jacobsen's Skræk & Rædsel blog as this week has been French week with nothing but froggy horror flicks. Pretty cool! Go here.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kung Fu Zombie

Alright I may have lost out on MIRACULOUS FLOWER but I won this one; KUNG FU ZOMBIE on Ocean Shores tape. Woo-hoo. And Ian F tells me he thinks it's the longer print of the film! I sure hope he's right as I already have the short version on a UK dvd.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I so hate the internet right now!

Yeah I know. The headline is one that you'd be more likely to see on Patrick's "Bearded man" blog (and where the hell is Patrick??) but, man, I really so do hate the sack of shit that is the internet right now. Thing is I had been waiting for an auction for the über über rare Ocean Shores VHS release of MIRACULOUS FLOWER (aka WOLF DEVIL WOMAN 3) to end. And since I knew I would be there when the auction would close I'd only put $15 on the damn tape. Didn't wanna reveal how much I was willing to cough up. And then my internet connection went out to fucken lunch all night!!! Ahh man, for fuck's sake!!! And NOBODY made bids for the tape except one single asshole (probably a nice guy) who scooped it up for 15.50 dollars!!! Arrrrrrggghhhhhh!!!!!!
Oh well. Can't win 'em all I guess, haha. Well, congrats to the winner, whoever you are (and it's not like I don't have the über über rare Danish release of the film, LOL, but that cover there is just so much cooler than the lame one I've got!).

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A boring night at the office.

I know, I know, you're gonna wanna hang out with me cos I'm now the owner of these two AWESOME and mega rare tapes but, sorry no can do, you're on your own buddy. Haha.

Here's the mega über rare ntsc vhs release of THE WARRIOR AND THE NINJA on the "All American" label!!!

(click scan for proper size)

Ahhhh, finally coming home to daddy!!! The über mega overly rare release of THE RAPE AFTER on vhs from Hong Kong. In contradiction to the NOT SO RARE Japanese vhs this is subtitled in English. From someone unknown to Pete in Holland to Lars in Sweden and via Scott in Australia and, now, finally, on its way to yours truly!!! Now, gimme a WOO-WOO! xD xD xD

Friday the 13th

As you know Friday the 13th is a public holiday for horror movie fans and watching at least one horror movie on the day is COMPULSORY in celebrating the day. xD.
My film tonight was the amazing and very spooky Norwegian horror film DE DØDES TJERN (aka Lake of the Dead) from 1958. As regular readers will know (cos I've talked about it endlessly) it was released recently on a spiffy English subbed DVD. Read more here.

PS: Welcome to the latest subber, Lord_Garvals Khalikov.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tough to Kill

Ahh, I received Paul Cooke and David Zuzelo's cool book "Tough To Kill" in the mail today. Excellent! More later.

I ordered the book from Paul and David's blog dedicated the book.
Go here.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kabrastan (1988)

Not every horror movie from India is made by the Ramsay family (although it's a biiig family!) even if it may seem that way sometimes (to Westerners anyway). Here's one you might remember seeing the cover of if you've read Pete Tomb's "Mondo Macabro" book; KABRASTAN directed by Mohan Bhakri. I have this on an unsubbed (and so far un-watched) VCD. Check out this clip. It's without a doubt the best, awesomest and most horrifying horror movie every made. Okay, maybe not at all but it looks fun! LOL (altho Omar Khan, the director of HELL'S GROUND aka Zibahkhana wasn't terribly happy about it and said:

Kabrastan is unforgivably putrid and tedious crap of the worst kind and gives even the gutter level genre of Bollywood Horror a bad name!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hong Kong Film Archive

I now have a link to the Hong Kong Film Archive. Very useful! It's in the "Useful Movie Data Bases" section.

PS: Obviously the jolly gif is only to liven up an otherwise dull post.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I... am... getting... THIS!!!


This is the single best movie ever made. E-V-E-R!!! In the history of film making!!!

This is one of the RAREST tapes around!! It doesn't exist ANYWHERE!! Almost NOBODY has it!!! It's like a LEGEND!!! It does exist on dvd but only on a westernised and heavily cut German DVD!!! This is the ONLY uncut version!!! It runs 5 hours longer than the DVD!!! Yes, I'm exaggerating heavily now but, arrgghh!!! Flpff pff pff pff mouth won't work.....

This is how rare it is:
Cinehound member goblin:
this comes close to being my fave film!!!! in 10 years of searching ive never found one

Big thank-you's go out to Romps and Member-X of Cinehound!!!

Read Fred Anderson's review of the film here and Günter Müller's ditto here.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Woo-hoo!! I've finally secured getting the third and last of Hugh Gallagher's underground gore trilogy from the early 90s!! The film is GOROTICA (1993) which I've been trying to find for ages! For some reason the only film from the series which gets listed on eBay is GORE WHORE (1994), however, a couple of days ago I noticed that no less than four different sellers had it on I tried to place an order with every one them but they all had it listed for purchase in the US only! :/ So I wrote to the first one and asked if he would sell it to me directly. He said no. I asked the second one. He said no. Then today I got word from the third one and fortunately he said yes. Luckily I didn't have to try the last one as his tape was 20 dollars more expensive then the first two. The one I ended up buying was $5 more expensive than the first two but I can certainly live with that. Great stuff indeed!!! Read my review of GORE WHORE here. The first film in the series is GOREGASM from 1990.

You call that a zombie movie? That's not a zombie movie! THIS is a zombie movie!!!

Yes, it's Andreas Schnass' epic German zombie movie ZOMBIE 90 from, ehh, when was it made again... LOL. Just fantastic! Made right after VIOLENT SHIT.

In the Flesh zine printed reviews of both films way back when they first came out. Ahhh, such glory memories. Forget about past Christmases, past holidays, and past everything else. Living in the UK and reading the original reviews (and interview) of these films in that long gone fanzine is what really matters. What really counts. Hahaha.

Originally released on oldskool video tape of course but now available on DVD. I hear there's a 3 disc BluRay edition on its way (no, not really!).

Also, check out this guy's review of the film. It's almost as fun as the film itself (I'm not sure if that's sad or what) [the sound is a little low during the first 20 sec. or so but it gets better. Stick with it!]

And before we close for today, here's one more clip. Romero, you watch and learn something from this, goddammit!!!

Oh, and I couldn't help myself so yesterday I found a store that still had a brand new copy of ZOMBIE 90 on glorious video tape. It's on its way as we speak. xD. Ahhh.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

When there's no more room in Hell the dead shall walk the Earth. Again, and again, and again.

Man, it seems like there's almost as many zombie movies now as there are zombies IN THEM, haha. But hey, I'm not complaining!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Underground splatter

I was watching Andreas Schnass' VIOLENT SHIT from 1989 on video last night and thinking it's a pity gore movie fans don't make cool little over-the-top splatter movies anymore like they used to a decade and a half ago!

I know people who would (and do) dismiss stuff like the VIOLENT SHIT series but me I quite like these movies, maybe because I don't expect anything they're not! I mean these little flicks are made by splatter movie fans in their mum's backyard on a 10 dollar budget. They're just fun amateur/underground movies to make and fun with. I never quite understood how come some "serious" fans dismiss them on the grounds that they're badly made? I mean... DUH! Of course they're badly made. Anything made by "filmmakers" whose "schooling" comes from watching THE EVIL DEAD, RE-ANIMATOR and DAWN OF THE DEAD is obviously gonna be crappy, haha. But I still enjoy them heaps!

Uhh, and talking of which... look what I just bought from my good mate Kurt (aka Member-X of Cinehound) in Finland:

ZOMBIE BLOODBATH 1 & 2. There's also a part 3 but he didn't have that one. Part one was listed on yesterday and the price was a whooping 999 dollars!!! I'm not kidding! Needless to say, I didn't pay anything in that vicinity. Besides, if you're curious about these films now you can get them (all three of them) for very little on a double disc dvd - and yes I have that too but, you know, I collect video! :D

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Santa Sangre

I watched SANTA SANGRE something like 15 years ago on a video tape from the UK (a 1'st generation dupe off a tape actually) and I've wanted to re-watch it for quite some time but instead of pulling out the ol' tape I've been looking around for a good DVD release for quite awhile and, well, lo and behold, here is it: A 2-disc release from Singapore! It seems it has all the extras from the UK release except for the commentary track and I didn't have to fork over the $99 as is the price of the UK Anchor Bay release (it's £50 on Amazon UK). This (official) release was only $24 including postage. Yay! Check it here. And the cover art is certainly heaps more beautiful than the UK cover and the old video tape.

• 2-DVD Edition
• All-Region
• English Audio/Subtitles
• QUALITY English Subtitles
• Anamorphic Widescreen
• "Echek" - A short film
• Deleted scene with commentary
• "La Constellation Jodorowsky" - An 86 minute documentary
• Rare Interview with the director

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Night Caller 平安夜 (1985)

Why would anybody in their right mind spend 25 dollars on a VCD from Hongkong (notice the old spelling, LOL) when they've already got the film on VHS. Twice!? Uhh, I dunno but I just kinda did. Haha. The film is Phillip Chan's HK film NIGHT CALLER from 1985. It's something as rare as a Chinese Giallo movie! It stars Pat Ha (who's obviously a big hero on this blog as she played one of the coolest hitmen ever in ON THE RUN, and in that movie she certainly has thee coolest hairdo of any hitman!!), Melvin Wong, Phillip Chan and Pauline Wong. And altho it often gets so-so reviews I quite like it (obviously!, haha). My VHS versions are the UK and Dutch releases from Eastern Heroes in Cantonese with English subs and slightly lbx.

Fellow blogs that fly under the radar but that you OUGHT to know about!!! ... "MACISTE AND FRIENDS"

Our good friend in Malmø (yes, the part of Denmark that the Swedish savages stole from us but which we will conquer again some day very soon, as soon as we finish our coffee and pastry) Lars Jacobsson has opened a spiffy new blog about peplum films! Yes, these films about big, muscular, well oiled men from the Roman empire and beyond.
Obviously his blog couldn't be entitled anything but
Maciste and Friends!

Check it out, it's pretty cool and if you're someone from the old Danish collector scene I'm sure you're gonna go: "Is this a pseudonym for Henrik Larsen?", LOL, but no it isn't. And as far as I'm aware Henrik is out of the Pepla fandom and like some King Kull Lars has claimed the throne of the Peplum insanity. xD. Please just don't make me sit thru all those films! Haha.

PS: I'm sure Lars would hate for you to think he himself were a muscular he-man so the pic on top of this post is obviously one of Lars being pissed on the train. xD

PS. PS: And do click the label at the bottom of this post for the other entry to this series; Jared's Worldweird blog!