Wednesday, December 26, 2012

ATTACK THE BLOCK (2011) Joe Cornish, UK

Man, just wot ah needed! On the second day at my dad's his new wifey is already driving me nuts so tons of gore, violence, and bad attitude came in ALRIGHT! And all that and more is provided full-on by ATTACK THE BLOCK. Yay! Some nasty aliens land in a shitty part of London and for some reason they try and take on an even shittier block of flats. Bad idea: nasty teenagers live there. LMFAO.

I bought the 2-disc UK DVD and actually the extras are pretty cool for once.

PS: if anybody from fb is checking this blog; I couldn't be arsed with fb over Xmas and probably won't even check in till next year or something. Too many whiney cunts and their brown-nosing mates on there to deal with when it's fucking Christmas, haha.
- Oh, merry fucken Xmas by the way. Hope you got some good grub!