Friday, December 18, 2009

Dark & Nasty HK: CENTIPEDE HORROR (1982)

[click the scan for a full blown size!]

And here's just one more über, über rare tape from that same auction (as the last post); the dark and nasty HK horror flick CENTIPEDE HORROR. It's definitely a personal favourite. I didn't win this tape though, I didn't even know about the auction and since Sleazeman2001 posted about it on Cinehound it wouldn't have been gentleman-like to make bids I don't think. Eddie mentioned it's the first time for 10 years that the tape has been on eBay! Anyhooo, I have this very nice DVD bootleg from Germany (pictured right). They try and sell it off as an American DVD but them Krauts don't fool me, it's either German or from Austria. The cover and text is perfect but they forgot to write the title on the spine the other way. In the German speaking countries they write the text on the spine the "wrong" way, i.e. so you have to bend your neck the other way when you want to read the title on a book sitting on a shelf. The DVD is taken either from the HK VHS or from the laserdisc. There is also a DVD in the US from some bootleg company called Apprehensive Films; Both on their site and on eBay they try and pull off selling the film as a legit release but IT'S NOT. Do they think their customers are stupid? Why would these fucks sell a DVD copied from vhs or LD with burnt in subs (and a fershtunkener uuugly cover) when they could get a proper print IF IT REALLY WERE A LEGIT release? Well, it isn't.

Here's a cool scene from the film, it's a bit long (7-8 min) but stick with it!