Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New rags

The other day I told you about one of my new T-shirts (check here) and here's some more that I have received this week. Living in Shitsville used to mean it was totally, insanely and uber-ly, difficult to get cool T-shirts but with the invention of the Internet it's become a lot easier. That doesn't mean it's exactly easy to find the cool stuff, in order to get there you'll have to wade thru 3 billion tons of crappy shit shirts. TEENAGE JESUS AND THE JERKS was one of the original no-wave bands from New York. The picture on the shirt is from a live cassette tape that was only available from Lydia Lunch's webpage. Unfortunately, I never got hold of the tape but at least I have the T-shirt now. ^_^

This one sports the cool picture from the French pressing of THE GUN CLUB's first album "Fire of Love" - the zombie cover. The original edition (and the new vinyl re-print) uses a much inferior picture if you ask me.

Nick Cave's old band THE BIRTHDAY PARTY. Probably thee most dangerous band ever. They simply radiated dangerousness.

DNA!! Unknown to most. Adored by few. I'm one of the latter. They were also part of the no-wave movement in New York in around '78/79. The seller had sold out of L and didn't want to get more in as they were selling very slowly. I grabbed an XL and good thing too cos it turned out to be the last one! It's not that much bigger and I intend to get fat anyway so it's alright.

Some SONIC YOUTH T-shirts are meh but this one is cool. Actually so cool that I bought it again when I discovered that altho the first copy was the right size... it was a slim-fit for chicks. I put it on and looked like a human size condom. Hahaha. Anyhoo, it was my own mistake (gotta learn to READ the seller descriptions!!!) so I didn't wanna bother swapping it. Besides, I would have had to cover the return postage to the UK which would have made it even more expensive anyway.