Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blonde Fury enroute to this here blogger. xD

Niice! I just scooped up the way OOP Fortune Star DVD of THE BLONDE FURY (aka Female Reporter, dir. by Corey Yuen, HK, 1989) from eBay (it's the real HK DVD I'll be getting, not the Tai Seng "release" from the US. Release in quotation marks cos all they did was to slap on a sticker with their logo onto the case it seems, LOL). The only version in print and easy to get at the moment is the re-released FS VCD. I must admit I haven't actually watched any of Cynthia Rothrock's American films but her old HK flicks from the "Girls who kick ass and look cute" genre sure are good fun! My favourite is (needless to say) YES, MADAM! (aka In the Line of Duty 2) with Michelle Khan.

Here's the original trailer, the picture quality isn't all that good but stick with it anyway!