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[VHS/Greece/fullscreen/English dub/Greek subs]

Here are two trailers for the wild Indonesian Barry Prima and Eva Arnaz films BLOODY VENGEANCE (aka Darah Perjaka) and LADY EXTERMINATOR (aka Barang Terlarang)!!! Needless to say they are high on entertainment value!! Watch them both if you get a chance (the two trailers are joint together in one video)

The only English dubbed release of BLOODY VENGEANCE is the Greek VHS shown in the above. It's also out on Malay VCD but my Indo buddy (in downtown Germany) Kothar tells me his VCD clocks in much quicker than my VHS so it's either cut or runs at a quicker pace.

[VCD/Malaysia/fullscreen/Indonesian audio/no subs]
The VCD cover comes courtesy of Kothar.

[Pakistani poster]

Here's my Danish VHS release of LADY EXTERMINATOR. It's also known as I Want To Get Even and Violent Killer. For some reason the narrator in both the trailer and the film keeps calling it Violent Assassins every time the title Violent Killer is onscreen. :/

[VHS/Denmark/letterbox/English dub/Danish subs]
[click scan for bigger size]

[VCD/Indonesia/fullscreen/Indonesian audio/no subs]

And how's this for weirdness!! :-O
This is the Pakistani poster for the Japanese girl gang film GO FOR BROKE (which needless to say doesn't star Eva Arnaz in her Lady Exterminator outfit)!!!

[French poster]

True rap

Sorry I meant to say true CRAP, haha. This is without a doubt thee worst rapper. Anywhere. Ever. This so terrible I had to pinch myself cos I thought I was still asleep, hahaha.

Bruce Li interview!!!

Ah man that's just amazing!!!!! Completely without trying to find one I simply stumbled over a Bruce Li interview that was posted on YouTube at the end of last year!!! Bruce Li talks about how he got started as a Bruce Lee clone and his involvement in GAME OF DEATH.

Unfortunately, Li doesn't talk about his scores of Bruce Lee clone films but you can't have it all. I would've loved to hear what he thought of films like BRUCE LEE IN NEW GUINEY, etc. but it's cool to see him at all and get his lowdown on how he got into film acting.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

RAMBU: Forceful Impact

[VHS/Greece/fullscreen/English dub/Greek subs]

It's been a while since I last posted about Peter O'Brian and his films but tonight I'm as happy as happy can be cos I've finally won the last O'Brian film I didn't have: FORCEFUL IMPACT which (to the best of my knowledge) only exists on VHS in Greece! But it wasn't an easy win lemme tall ya that! And altho I don't know who my opponents were I have my suspicions, LOL.

Trash-online's description:
Here comes another Indonesian rarity from the producers of THE INTRUDER, and yes, more Peter O'Brian madness for your viewing pleasure! Benson (Peter O'Brian- RAMBU) takes control of a mafia family after Don Giovanni's (Mike Abbott of FINAL SCORE) demise. A mafioso's widow is desperately seeking revenge for her husband's murder- apparently the killer Benson. The plot is a mess here although there are quite a few good reasons for anybody to watch this: Cameo by Mike Abbott. Peter O'Brian constantly saying "fuck" (at least 3 of them in each of his sentences). Peter O'Brian in funny underwear taking part in a sex scene, then raping another girl. Nudity- that's something you rarely see in an Indonesian production. Over the top action with gunfights, sadistic torture and huge explosions! Lovers of Indonesian trash cinema should grab this without thinking twice! Watch FORCEFUL IMPACT and see what the O'Brian phenomenon is all about!

There's no trailer for FORCEFUL IMPACT on YouTube but my mate Lefteris has uploaded one from another Peter O'Brian film; LETHAL HUNTER (aka American Hunter). O'Brian is actually only in the film for about 3 minutes, LOL, but it's totally awesome nonetheless (he IS in the trailer!).

Chris Mitchum plays the main character in LETHAL HUNTER and here's a trailer for another over-the-top and no-holds-barred Indonesian film starring Mitchum; FINAL SCORE. Both films are VERY recommended!!!

...and so the eternal hunt for 1980s Hong Kong horror continues :D

(aka The First Vampire In China)
VHS/Japan/letterbox/in Cantonese/Japanese subs

Check out Knetan's review on So Good... HK Movie And Dvd Reviews here.

Scan from the English subtitled, letterboxed HK laserdisc release of the film (courtesy of "So Good..." site)

Kool toone on a Sunday

Here's a cool track by the awsome The Trashwomen (their name is a take on another cool surf band from the 60s called The Trashmen, in case you didn't know). I could play this all day. XD

Yeah yeah yeah I've posted it before but so sue me. This is too cool NOT to post again. :D

Saturday, June 27, 2009

ALL HAIL THE CLONES! (or: More fake Bruce Lee stuff)

I've just found a rare trailer for BRUCE LEE IN NEW GUINEA on YouTube. It was posted only a short while ago and since I have never been able to find one before this is def. cool.

Uhhh, in my "The ONLY real Bruce Le" post I only mentioned two of his films... and now it dawns on me that one of the films (GUINEA) actually stars Bruce Li. For Christ's sakes!!! Hahaha.

And check this brief video out. Mein gott! Talk about fanaticism!!! (which is quite alright in my book).

No, Lenzi didn't direct "Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave"

[VHS/Japan/English dub/Japanese subs]
[click scan for bigger size]

In Fred's comments to the "The ONLY real Bruce Le" post he asked about an Umberto Lenzi "directed" Bruceploitation film. The film in question is BRUCE LEE FIGHTS BACK FROM THE GRAVE (aka Bruce Lee Fights Back From Grave) and I thought I might as well post about it and dismiss the rumours/wrong info once and for all (and obviously because of the wide spread recognition of this blog every little fan will now stop calling it a Lenzi film).

In fact BRUCE LEE FIGHTS BACK FROM GRAVE is really a Korean film entitled VISITOR TO AMERICA from 1976 which was directed by Doo Yong-lee. According to Dvdmaniacs member James Lee it was US distributor Aquarius who spliced in the "Bruce Lee" opening where he returns from the grave. Btw, it doesn't actually star Bruce Le but Bruce K.L. Lea! One of the other Bruce Lee clones, haha.

I posted about the film over at Dvdmaniacs forum a couple of years back and one member (incidentally me mate in Valby, Copenhagen; Diabolik aka Hans-Jørn, collector extraordinaire of Danish ex-rental video tapes) dismissed the Lenzi connection. Hans-Jørn posted this (which I sincerely hope is alright to post here as well):

By Diabolik/Hans-Jørn [first posted on Dvdmaniacs forum]

A few years back I was corresponding with Alberto Farina (Son of Corrado 'Baba Yaga' Farina) regarding an interview with his father... I'd just found the 'Bruce Lee'-film in a secondhand shop and was puzzled by the Bert Lenzi-credit and the missing 'Lenzi-touch'... So I wrote to Alberto asking if he knew anything about this film... Being such a nice fella', he phoned Lenzi;

[...]OK, the first results of my research is that you can definitely rule out this title from Lenzi's filmography. I just had a brief phone chat with Mr. Lenzi himself and he denies any involvement with this title.

He said he'd heard about it already - I was not the first to ask.
However, although he has shot movies within almost EVERY movie genre that ever existed, he has never directed any karate movie. He only mentioned the movie he shot in the far East -"Il paese del sesso selvaggio", shot in Thailand (the working title was "L'uomo del fiume profondo") which, in his words, "would later spawn the cannibal subgenre", in which, I may add, Lenzi himself would have feasted in the 80's.

"Bert Lenzi" never existed as a Lenzi pseudo. He thinks it must have been one of those tricks played by ruthless video distributors to cash on his popularity.[...]


For the original thread go here.

PS: Incidentally, there is also a HK movie entitled KUNG FU FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE. XD

Friday, June 26, 2009

Yay!!! More dark Hong Kong Horror

Oh man, it seems I'm practically stumbling over old 1980s HK horror flicks that I've been looking for for years!!! I just found (and purchased, obviously!) brand new editions (on VHS, these films have never been granted life on little shiny saucer thingies) of DEVIL SORCERY, BLOOD SORCERY (aka Curse) and HAUNTED MADAM:

EDIT (June 30th); Unfortunately no fucken "yay"!!! I just got an email from TaiSeng that says they don't sell video tapes anymore but even tho those three tapes are ON THEIR SITE and THEY ACCEPT PAYMENT they don't actually have the tapes in stock! Huh??? Actually, they have tons of video tapes for sale on their site but, well, apparently they just don't have the physical tapes! Go figure. Why the bloody hell don't them take them off the site then!!?? Anyway, as much as I'm annoyed about it I'm much more annoyed about not getting those three films as they're rare and I don't know where else to get them. Boo-hoo. I'm sure I'll find them at some bootlegger's place at some point but getting official releases sure beats getting a crappy dvd-r boot.
:( :( :(

EDIT (July 1st); I think it was our great present day philosopher Homer Simpson who said it the best: "Damn brain I thought we had a deal!" Argh, ffs! I'm doing some serious tiding up yesterday and what do I find in a pile of DVDs from Dragon Jester in Malaysia: DEVIL SORCERY!!! Argh, of course!!! When I saw that TaiSeng tape and looked up the film I'd totally forgotten that I actually found and bought the film on DVD some 8 months ago (or so). I forgot cos I never even watched the damn thing, it just went into one of the to-watch-later piles. Hahaha. Argh! I'm sure Patrick in Norway is laughing his ass off. :(

The ONLY real Bruce Le

There's great and serious kung fu movies like the old ones from the Shaw Brothers studios. And then there's the trashy fun ones like the ones that star one (or several) of the Bruce Lee clones! And if you're a regular reader you know what I think of those trashy flicks. Yeah, love 'em. You gotta! The best (or whatever) clone was probably Bruce Le. I'm by no means an expert on Bruceploitation but a couple of my favourites are BRUCE LEE IN NEW GUINEY and BRUCE AND THE SHAOLIN BRONZEMEN which I posted about a little while ago. Tonight I won THIS one:

It's FIRE ON THE GREAT WALL about which our friend Wiki says:

Among fans of Bruceploitation movies, Ninja Over the Great Wall is often praised for its high production values and relatively fast pace - two things absent from nearly every other Bruce Le film. On the website Bruceploitation, "Keith" writes:

"While liberally borrowing from the Bruce Lee classic Fist of Fury, this Bruce Le vehicle is still quite entertaining. The fight scenes are lots of fun with Bruce taking on hordes of ninjas literally everywhere. Viewers should get a kick out of a scene where Bruce fights a ninja who is on fire. Talk about having control of your mind and body. Also, there is the requisite "You killed my teacher" Japanese dojo attack required by Bruceploitation Law. The end fight scene (shot on location at the Great Wall) is mighty impressive and brutal. What surprised me the most about this film is the pessimistic storyline. Pretty much everyone dies. Using the Japanese occupation of China as a backdrop, the filmmakers also inject a bit of political commentary (not saying the Fist of Fury was subtle though). If only Bruce Le had made more movies like this"

The tape I'm getting is a PAL tape from HK in Cantonese with English subs. Apparently, the only DVD version available (or not available as it's OOP) is a fullscreen English dubbed bootleg from those Ground Zero crooks. :D

Alright, it took a while but...

...I've finally found a place to order the spiffy new Italian DVD release of Bruno Mattei's incredible masterpiece CRUEL JAWS (aka Jaws 5). I mentioned the then upcoming DVD here but it's taken a while to find a place to order it from (i.e. to get my shit together, LOL) but I've finally found an eBay store in Italy that carries it. I've just this minute ordered my copy and it came to approximately $23 including postage worldwide. If you haven't read my old post do check it out as I also posted the trailer there.

Finally, while we wait why not watch the Cinema Snob's review of CRUEL JAWS!!

PS: No, he's not for real, it's a piss-take!! But he's pretty convincing and there's always 6 trillion subscribers who believe he really hates these movies, haha.

PS.PS: It's not a telly movie as he states. It was indeed made for cinema release, it just never played much in cinemas simply because hardly any distributors wanted to buy it. LOL.

For the DVD on Italian eBay go here (and no need to worry; it does carries the English dub).

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Strike of a Hong Kong movie aficionado

I bought twenty HK films today, most of them on HK VHS (plus one UK tape and, get this, NOCTURNAL DEMON on dubbed tape from South Africa retitled "Enter the Lady Boxer"!! :-O ). A couple of the films I knew nothing about but I grabbed them anyway; "What the hell, could be great", right? One was GIRL WITH THE DIAMOND SLIPPER; So I look it up on HKMDb and it looks a tad too silly me thinks. Maggie Cheung is in it but, uhh, sorry Maggie, I love ya and all but this just looks too sappy!!). Anyhoo, I pull out the tape and discover the store people have actually put Stanley Tong's STONE AGE WARRIORS (starring Elaine Lui of the ANGEL films) inside the cassette by mistake. Much better! :D :D :D

Another floater in the (Cyberspace) harbour

Hardly anybody knows about this but I also do a blog about my "releases" (riiight. :-/ haha) but I never update it as I don't actually... release anything (haha, oh I kill me) so I never mention it. However, if you must you can check it out here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ahh, what Angels!

[ANGEL aka Iron Angels/Angels/Midnight Angels/Midnite Angels/Fighting Madam/Ultra Force, VHS/Japan/letterbox/English dub/Japanese subs]

It's common knowledge I'm an old Hongkongese. No, I don't hail from there but I've been an aficionado of their cinema for almost twenty years! And amongst the different HK film genres I enjoy three genres in particular; the dark and nasty horror films of the 80s (Seeding of a Ghost, Black Magic I + II, The Rape After, etc.), the heroic bloodshed films (A Better tomorrow I + II, The Killer, + 6 tons of copy cats), and last but certainly not least; the Girls kick ass genre, also known as the Girls with guns genre. In other words; the "Girls kick ass, shoot guns, and look cute" genre!!! LOL.

There are quite a few entries to the genre but the pinnacle to most fans is the ANGEL series. In their Westernised form retitled Iron Angels, and in northern Europe they're known as Ultra Force.

The first film in the series is great, the sequel is awesome, and the third one is... different, haha (it's more of a Spy/James Bond'ian film than a shoot 'em up extravaganza).

[ANGEL 2 aka Iron Angels 2/Angels 2/Ultra Force 2, VHS/Japan/letterbox/Cantonese audio/Japanese subs]

Unfortunately, until recently all three films were quite difficult to find in proper versions, either they're fullscreen, cut, or dubbed in English. The first film in the series was finally released on letterboxed HK DVD recently. Unfortunately, it's (slightly) cut. Very annoying!!! I have a handful of different version and today I received yet another one, finally a letterboxed uncut version. And the release you ask? Well, Japanese VHS of course! Haha.

I'm also the happy owner of the Japanese VHS for the sequel which sadly is only out on DVD as a cut, German dubbed DVD! For the third entry to the series there is a DVD in the US but it's both fullscreen and dubbed. Boo-hoo. As far as I know the only proper, letterboxed release is the Japanese VHS - which I unfortunately lost on the same auction where I won #1 (more and bigger BOO-HOO!).

[ANGEL 3 aka Iron Angels 3/Iron Angel 3/Fighting Madam 3/Hong Kong Police Madam 3/Return of Iron Angels/Midnite Angels 3/Ultra Force 3, VHS/Japan/letterbox/English dub]

Oh, did I mention these films star fave HK action babes such as Moon Lee (Lee Choi-Fung), Elaine Lui (Lui Siu-Ling), and Oshima Yukari. Well, they do! :D :D :D

PS: Incidentally, another Danish blog wrote about ANGEL just a few days ago.

Oblivians: "The Leather"

As one YouTube dude said:

this is the coolest thing ive ever heard

Yeah, sure is!!!

Onar interview

Marc Morris has just posted an interview with Onar Films head honcho Bill Barounis. You'll find it here.

PS: If you don't usually read these kinds of interviews with publishers cos none of 'em tell it to you straight... then this is the interview you OUGHT to read. Our friend Bill spills the beans like it is!

Monday, June 22, 2009


The other day I mentioned that Jared is back doing what he does best; his Worldweird Cinema blog and today he's reviewing KADIN DUSMANI (aka Woman Despiser), i.e. the spiffy new Onar Films DVD release from our good hot-headed friend in downtown Greece Bill Barounis! You need to read Jared's review and you need to get this DVD. Do as I tell you! I received the film on Saturday and can't wait to watch it. XD
Now go here.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Never published!

Here's the cover for an issue of Banned in Britain that I never published. Cool cover, lazy editor. LOL. The film on the cover is the Indonesian MAKHLUK DARI KUBUR.

Jack J's 1970s: Columbo

I looked down and discovered my white T-shirt was full of blood. Not fake blood or tomato juice but real living human blood. All over my shirt. I was around 7 or 8 years old and I was sitting in bed watching an episode of Columbo and I got the biggest nosebleed ever!! (and lets not go into why I had a nosebleed! Picking your nose is a filthy habit but, hey, I was 7 yrs old for crying out loud!! LOL).

I haven't really watched Columbo since its original run back in the 70s and I have never watched a full episode of the "new" seasons (i.e. counting from season 8) so when I stumbled over a particularly cheap Columbo box at a local store I thought it was finally time for a re-visit. :-)

So far I've watched two episodes and I can certainly see why we followed the series religiously in my family in the 70s. It's pretty cool. Well, not "cool" like Fonzie but you know wha' ah mean.

The box I got contains the complete season 1 and also includes the two feature length pilots that were made prior to the series. There's no other extras.

When I watched the first episode (directed by Steven Spielberg no less!) I couldn't help thinking there was something that didn't quite sit well with me; Then I discovered the cause: it was in colour!!! The show was filmed in colour alright but we never WATCHED it in colour cos in my family we didn't get a colour TV until (I think) around 1980!! So obviously I switched off the colours and watched the rest in black & white. :-) :-) :-)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fake Worldweird blog Vs. re-animated Worldweird blog!!!

Last year I decided to turn this crappy mess into "Worldweird the fake copy" blog because our friend Jared had decided to discontinue his "Worldweird Cinema" blog. Well, I'm happy to report that there's no need for a fake copy any longer as Jared has just re-animated the old floater! Good to see you back, mate!! Needless to say Worldweird is in the bar to the right on this page but you can also click here.

Tonight's purchase

Woo-hoo!! I won THIS tonight at one of Miltos' Greek auctions! It's JUMPING ASH (aka Tiaohui) from Hong Kong, 1976. On Hong Kong Movie Data base a nameless reviewer says:

Po-Chih Leong's debut film was a trendsetter in Hong Kong cinema. Shot from the shoulder, the fast-moving world of cops, informers, drug dealers and other crooks are evoked in a very lively and realistic way. The action all takes place in carefully selected locations, among them the walled city of Kowloon and Yuen Long. The film looks like a documentary and evokes the kind of excitement usually seen in news programmes. The story focuses on the battle between two gangs and starts in Amsterdam, where one of the gang leaders is murdered. The male protagonists Jia Lun and Chen Huimin provide memorable acting achievements as the just cop and the cold-blooded killer."

And now it's mine, all mine! XD

Nick Nicholson pisses off from hospital

Brilliant news! Nick has just posted a piece on what happened on Sunday when he had a heart attack and, not least, an account of what happened at the local hospital (Nick Nicholson lives in the Philippines). Certainly good news that he's getting better! The stay at the hospital was so awful that Nick just decided to go home again! As truly terrible as Nick's illness is, and as terrible as the whole incident is, I must admit Nick's report is pretty funny. And it certainly puts things into respective! The day before yesterday my grandmother fell and broke something in her hip. Then yesterday we went to the hospital and everyone in the family thought it was a DISGRASE that she had to wait a full day to get operated (because the hospital was busy). Well, I'm sorry for my grandmother but reading Nick's account makes you think we're pretty spoiled in northern Europe. There's one part where Nick mentions the guy lying in the next bed who's actually lying in puke... from the girl who had the bed BEFORE him!!

Read it all here.

Obskuriøst #11 out now

This piece of news will have zilch interest to international readers but old Danish fanzine readers might like to know there's a new issue out of Henrik Larsen's Obskuriøst. With issue #11 Henrik makes a return to the old days of 16 page mags. Most of the contents deal with books & comic books this time. Obskuriøst #11 is only available as part of another mag; Himmelskibet #20. Get it here. And get a free addendum here. Obskuriøst #10 is available in free PDF form here. Obviously most of the text is in Danish.

Nick Nicholson seriously ill

In case you don't read my other blog (on Filipino war flicks) I thought I'd just break the sad news to you that Nick Nicholson (who starred in a ton of action and trashy war flicks in the Philippines 20 yrs ago) suffered a massive heart attack on Sunday! :-(

You can read about the news on Bert Spoor's blog (Bert was another regular in those movies) and Nick's wife Annie is updating on Nick's blog.

Here's to hoping you get well soon, Nick.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Two weeks later...

Just before last Christmas my mum went into hospital for a minor condition; she needed fluids. Unfortunately, instead of following my dad's instructions that she had never needed any medicine the hospital staff filled her with medicine. ANOTHER PATIENT'S MEDICINE mind you! She almost died. It was the worst Christmas ever! Going into hospital every day for a week and not being able to get into contact with my mum until the (wrong) medicine was out of her system. A conversation we had with a Swedish doctor is engraved in my mind; After a long day of not knowing what was going to happen he told us we might lose her. It wasn't till hours later they found out about their mistake. The cause: Another very ill patient who needed strong medicine who happened to HAVE THE SAME NAME as my mum. In Denmark each individual person has an ID number in order for this not to happen!! Gee, the system sure works, eh.

Anyway, my mum got better and came home, and we got another 6 months with her. And now it's all different. She's gone and nothing will ever be the same. I've never lost anyone close to me before so this is a completely new situation that I have to learn how to handle. And it's not easy let me tell you that! If my mum had been an ordinary mum I would probably have been sad and gloomy. But as it is my mum was the best mum ever. No comparison. Without my mum I would have spent a childhood in some orphanage (yes, I was an unwanted bastard, LOL). My mum took me in. Saved me. And she saved my dad too. He was, well no need to dwell on the past so lets just say we both owe her a tremendous debt.

It's two week later and we're trying to learn how to crawl again. It's not easy but somehow life and the world moves along. At the moment me and my dad are visiting relatives in one of the other Scandinavian countries (where my dad originates from). It's fun to be here, most things in the stores are the same but slightly different, and the locals speak a similar language to Danish (yes, we are in Jylland). My family on my dad's side all live in hillbilly country. Believe it or not but yesterday my aunt talked to me in a serious tone (while explaining some complicated family matter) about cousin "interminglings" buried in the past that we shouldn't talk about!!!!! Reminds me of a piece of dialogue from the old movie GATOR BAIT: "Hey, that's your sister!" :/

Today, I had a pretty good pizza (which was nice) and my grandmother (my dad's mum) fell and broke her hip (or something) (which was terrible) so yes the world does move on, and it's in total disregard to what life brings us of happiness or sadness one way or the other. It all just moves on. Unfortunately, from now on it'll be without my mum.

No, none of this is film stuff but guess what; in contradiction to what a few of you seem to think this is not a film blog. It's a blog about Jack J. I just happen to write a lot about films!

I've already mentioned this as a reply to the post before this one but I'd just like to say thank you again to everyone who made a comment either on this blog, my Filipino blog, or sent emails, text messages, PMs, and phoned. It's all VERY much appreciated!!!!!

Jack J

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Important message regarding Jack J

This goes out to everyone at the various forums I frequent (not least Cinehound, Dvdmanicas and Uncut.dk) and everyone that I'm in touch with, this means both Cyberspace people and real people.

I will only be posting this here so if anyone asks about me could you please let them know or refer them to this post. Thanks.

Unfortunately, everyone runs out of luck at some stage and this morning my mum passed away. I really don't feel like updating here or posting on message boards for the time being. So you'll have to live without me for a while. I don't know when I might return. If you're someone I owe something as part of a trade or otherwise; you will eventually get your stuff. Be seeing you.

Your friend
Jack J

The undoubtedly coolest music video on YouTube!!!

When that day comes and those crook Russian ex KGB scientists finally get that time-machine into production I'll be buying a one-way ticked to 1983! And I'll tune it so every time we reach 1987 it'll automatically return to 1983!!!

In case you don't know: this is the best band every to grace this sorry-ass world; Melbourne's The Birthday Party (altho they relocated to Berlin).

Monday, June 1, 2009

Saturday night fright flick trailer

Jeg husker engang for nogen år siden, da jeg mødte Peter Peter i VideoNetto på Vesterbrogade og efter at Jang (som jeg havde mødt 10 minutter forinden) havde introduceret mig, spurgte PP, hvad min yndlingsfilm var. Jeg husker ikke mit svar, men da jeg efterfølgende spurge ham, hvad hans yndlingsfilm var, sagde han: "Der er jo altid 'saven' ". Haha.

De har iø begge efterfølgende købt alle numre af STAY SICK!, naturligvis (og det er mig, som blev brugt som skabelon til Zlatko Burics karakter i specielt PUSHER 3, men sig det ikke til nogen).