Saturday, October 21, 2023

Robin Bougie is back in the gutter!


Issue #3 of Robin Bougie's zine Gutter Hunter is out now. I received my copy yesterday all the way from Canada. Fortunately, I didn't get slapped with a hefty VAT and post office fee this time! 

100 pages about (mainly) north American underground comics. Get the new issue here. 

I posted about issue No. 1 and 2 here. 

Friday, October 20, 2023

BRIGADE DES MOEURS aka DEATH SQUEAD on Blu-ray and 4K from Mondo Macabro!!!


Yep, the good people at Mondo Macabro, Jared Auner and Pete Tombs, are going to release Max Pécas' insane film BRIGADE DES MOEURS (1985) on Blu-ray and 4K in the US soon! 

I've known about this for quite some time and now it's finally happening. The above picture is obviously not from the upcoming release but from my old Danish vhs tape (fully uncut and in French with Danish subs. One of the VERY few uncut released until very recently). I own the German blu-ray that came out 1-2 years ago, and I probably don't need this new release (not least since I haven't upgraded to 4K). But the rest of you should certainly get this if you're into violent exploitation cinema! 

Apparently there's also a new French blu-ray/4K coming out (in December) but online info states it's not English friendly. 

My old review of the Danish vhs (in Danish)

The new promotion trailer: