Friday, July 17, 2009

The Big Boss Part 2 (1976)

I just stumbled over this trailer for a Lo Lieh sequel to Bruce Lee's THE BIG BOSS and... whoah... I must admit it looks both wild, crappy, exploitative and, well, it's got Lo Lieh in it!!

Apparently the trailer is totally rare but it seems the film is even more rare!! I haven't been able to find ONE single vhs or dvd release of the film listed on the Internet. Not even a crappy fullscreen bootleg!!! If any of you know of a release please let me know. Cheers.

Beware: Don't get too exited if you find a DVD or VHS of "The Big Boss 2" right away if you do a Google; There are at least two other films that use the same title! :/

The magazine scans are nicked from HKMDb so thanks to whoever uploaded them.

Click scans for bigger size.

Notice how the article writer misspells Bruce Lee's name as Bruce "Li". Ironic as one of the Bruce Lee clones that was "invented" after his death was none other than Bruce Li.

Chan Chue

Lo Lieh
Wang Ping
Michael Chan Wai-Man
Lee Kwan
Hung Wang
Saan Saan
Wong Kin-Chau
Chiu Lik

There's more credits info on HKMDb so go there if that's what your heart desires. I just couldn't be arsed to copy it all. LOL.