Saturday, February 3, 2018

Scala Cinema Club - THE BOOK!!!

Yours truly with one of my original
programmes from the Scala Cinema Club
The legendary SCALA CINEMA CLUB in London existed for 15 years (1978-93). Out of those 15 I was a regular for three years (1988-90) and what can I say. It was the best of times and it was the worst of times. I had wonderful all-nighters at the Scala but I also had crappy work at bloody 8 in the morning on Sunday mornings for a full year, haha. I miss the Scala. I'm sure other regulars do too.
My entire collection of original Scala Cinema programme posters - zept for one!
The good people at Fab Press (genre book publishing house run by the old fanzine editor Harvey Fenton) are gonna publish the most fab book in the history of publishing. This is what Gutenberg invented the book format for. Well, that is... if enough people wish to support the book! It's a crowd funding project. 

Check out the video (at the bottom of this post) and their funding page (here) that has more info that I could be arsed to repeat here. I'm gonna be in on this. I couldn't care less for tote bags or badges etc etc so I'll go for the cheap edition.
The back of the posters have info and brief plot descriptions of the films
But still. 400 pages and reprints of ALL programme posters. Wauw! (I've still got 10 of the from back then). Long live the Scala Cinema Club (even if they've been gone for 25 yrs by now!).

FAB Scala Crowdfunding Video from NucleusFilms on Vimeo.

Today's writing tip

If you wish to write successfully it's a brill idea to be in the vicinity of:

 1) Strong coffee
 2) A guy called James.

 In fact, get two James while you're at it!