Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mattei's FILIPINO CANNIBALS come to reg. 1 dvd

Ahh, we are squatting in exciting times - at least in regards to new releases of foreign films shot in the Philippines!

There's no less than five cool Filipino films on dvd (and one blu-ray) from Vinegar Syndrome, and Severin/Intervision has just released Bruno Mattei's two post 2000 cannibal movies, LAND OF DEATH and CANNIBAL WORLD, on reg. 1 DVD in the US.

The new DVDs are retitled In The Land of the Cannibals and Mondo Cannibal. They've previously been out on DVD and VHS in Japan (check my old post and see way cooler Japanese covers here).

Check Steven Ruskin's review and DVD info on AVMANIACS here. And yeah, I'll agree with Steve on the films. They're not great by anybody's standards but if you like your entertainment trashy you know what you'll get with these two films, entertaining trash. I do however think Bruno's two post 2000 zombie films and THE JAIL: A WOMAN'S PRISON are way better (they were shot in the 'Pines as well).

Friday, November 28, 2014

Tonight at Cinema J: HELL UP IN HARLEM

 Tonight, I watched HELL UP IN HARLEM. It's the sequel to Larry Cohen's excellent blaxploitation classic BLACK CAESAR from 1973. For some reason I've never watched the sequel before and that's clearly a mistake as it turned out to be pretty entertaining but then again... how could it not be, it stars FRED WILLIAMSON for crying out loud! Of the male blaxploitation main leads Fred was always the one a tad (a lot!) more unpleasant then the rest of the bunch; He always played the hero but there was always something that made him a mean bastard despite being the hero. Richard Roundtree (Shaft) is tough and cool but he's also a flødebolle. HELL UP IN HARLEM isn't as good as BLACK CAESAR but even so it's more entertaining that most stuff today. Anyhoo, up next is dinner and then GET CHRISTIE LOVE!


Monday, November 3, 2014

Abel Ferrara's black & white weirdo vampire film about low life drug addicts

I've finally watched Abel Ferrara's vampire film THE ADDICTION which I had held off watching for years on end due to some bad reviews. Guess what, I fucken loved the movie (and could kick myself in the head for having listened to daft reviewers). However, I could imagine a lot of horror fans wouldn't like it as it's probably too "weird" and outside the box for them but I loved it for those very same reasons. It's like if ERASERHEAD had been a vampire film directed by Frank Booth. lol. (unfortunately the only lbx dvd is the German one).