Saturday, December 4, 2010

Best pop song on a Saturday

This used to be on TV all the time a few years back, it's pretty good. A lot of French rap is about life on the street instead of the pointless bling bling rap that American rap has turned into for a great part.

PS: I've never mentioned this to you before but I got (i.e. ripped off) the idea for my "Best pop song" posts from Todd's excellent Die, Danger, Die, Die, Kill! blog. If you only read one blog this ought to be the one. World-weird films galore! Go here.

When your dead neighbour comes to you in your dreams

I had another of those damn dreams that I remember for some reason. I was on my way to work (the employment situation is obviously better in the realm beyond the awaken state, I can barely remember the last time I had a job) but when I got there I discovered the ground in front of the building had gone. If I wanted to get in I would have had to try and climb in via a very narrow footpath. There were workers there and they were using the narrow footpath but I thought "No way!". I simply wasn't gonna risk falling down. So instead I went into the building thru a door at the other end. However, I discovered my work place wasn't there but instead it lead into a big second-hand market. Much better than going to work! So I looked around, and now my Dad was there too. I found an issue of an old Danish horror comic book called "Gru". Then we got into the car to go somewhere. Now there was a third man there as well, Benny. In real life Benny was my aunt's ex-husband from the 1980s. They lived in a house next to ours in the years before I moved away from home. I never liked Benny, he was crude, drank a lot, had prostitutes when he was away for work, farted, and smelled (well, back then I had the notion that he did but I'm not so sure anymore. Maybe it was just my main dislike of him that made me add that unpleasant feature to him subconsciously). But in any case, my aunt left him when he was away for work at some stage. She practically just got up and left (left the door open and all). Benny moved away many years ago and I never saw him again. I heard he died recently. Anyway, there we are in the car; me, my Dad, and Benny who in my dream more resembled the Danish sculpturer Ingvar Cronhammer, just with less beard (I watched a program on Cronhammer a couple of days ago). Outside the car it was a very grey day and the sky resembled something dark grey'ish that you would imagine Lars Von Trier had used in an early film he never finished. I checked out my issue of "Gru". It was worn (and there was a fairly big hole going thru the pages) and in my dream I thought I'd try and buy every duplicate issue I could find, then at some stage I would hopefully find one that was in a really good condition. These magazines came out in 1973-74 but I'm not sure the issue in my dream was a genuine issue or only existed there (the latter probably). I looked out the car window and saw two people just as they were about to walk into a supermarket. In my dream I felt they looked liked losers (i.e. not cool like me!) and I said "Look, those people are being attacked by birds". I think Benny said "Yeah, that's what happens around here". Actually they were just walking into the store, there were no birds and in my dream I probably made that up because I was under the "influence" of the horror comic book. I woke up, it was 2:00 in the morning. I went back to sleep and landed at home where I grew up. In front of the TV set (what a surprise). I was drinking coffee. From a couch at the other end of the lounge room my Mum (who also passed away fairly recently) asked if there was any more coffee in the coffee flask and I said yes. So she got up, came over, poured the last bit of coffee, and said "Do you want more coffee?" to which I said "Yes, please", and then she went back to from where she'd been sitting, got her own coffee flask and poured coffee into my mug! Why didn't she just pour herself coffee from her own flask in the first place? And why did I say yes to having more coffee poured into my already half full mug when I hate that in real life (why would I ruin a perfect mix of coffee and milk by pouring more coffee into it!). Then my Mum began walking towards the door, turned around and said "Aren't you going to bed soon?" I said "no" and that it was only half past 9:00 to which she asked why I wanted to stay up and I said "It's New Years Eve!". So she left and I stayed in front of the TV... and woke up.

Btw, it's kinda funny that I should wake up from sitting in front of the TV in a dream as I usually FALL ASLEEP in front of the telly! Haha.

I re-watched two old documentary films about hard-boiled crime writer James Ellroy the other day and in both films Ellroy said "Dead women rule my world". It seems dead people are hanging around in my dreams too.