Saturday, July 12, 2008


[short review from Cinehound]

aka Dr. Satan Versus Black Magic
dir: Rogelio A. González
Ay, caramba! I watched this on bootleg dvd last night and what a swell horror movie this is!! It's the second film in a short run Dr Satan series (it only ran two films) and unfortunately I haven't got the first one.
The plot: The devil, El Diablo, or whoever, pays a visit to Dr Satan who is an evil dude and tells him he has to go to Earth to deal with another evil dude who's working on a formula to turn ordinary metal into silver. Or gold. To take over the world. Or something along those lines. My Spanish isn't as good as it never was anyway :lol: Now I wish I'd paid more attention in class all those yrs ago. :(
Oh, and the second evil dude is also a vampire by the way. And there's some of those niiice women you always see in old Mexican movies. In this one they've been turned into mindless zombies by the evil vampire guy (zombies but pretty ones, not rotting, LOL).
Anyway, very enjoyable even without subtitles. As far as I know it was never put out on dvd but the boot looks fine. It's off a Spanish lingo vhs.
- And there's the fakest vampire bat I ever saw!!

OBS: IMDB has an entry for the film and there's a US video box title listed!! Does any of you know of this release? I assume it would have been dubbed in English. Does any of you have it???

[the review at Cinehound is here]