Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kabrastan (1988)

Not every horror movie from India is made by the Ramsay family (although it's a biiig family!) even if it may seem that way sometimes (to Westerners anyway). Here's one you might remember seeing the cover of if you've read Pete Tomb's "Mondo Macabro" book; KABRASTAN directed by Mohan Bhakri. I have this on an unsubbed (and so far un-watched) VCD. Check out this clip. It's without a doubt the best, awesomest and most horrifying horror movie every made. Okay, maybe not at all but it looks fun! LOL (altho Omar Khan, the director of HELL'S GROUND aka Zibahkhana wasn't terribly happy about it and said:

Kabrastan is unforgivably putrid and tedious crap of the worst kind and gives even the gutter level genre of Bollywood Horror a bad name!