Monday, February 4, 2013

New stuff from Bill Olsen

Bill Olsen and CODE RED have just released their latest DVD, a double feature with SEEDS OF EVIL (1972) and TOUCH OF SATAN (1971). Both films are presented in 1.78:1 (16x9). I haven't watched either of them and word is neither is a masterpiece but, hell, they're horror movies from the early 70s and one of them has "Satan" in the title. How could you not want to check them out (yes, I've already placed an order).

My two cents on the covers; Maria Karellis looks nice and all but I wish Bill Olsen would make proper covers instead. How about putting each film poster on each their side, i.e. using the back cover as a front cover as well (and lose the chick entirely). This way each poster would cover a full cover. As it is you can hardly see the details in the pictures. And then use see-thru cases and print the info on the inside of the cover. Much better (as these dvd's are only available via direct sale anyway it's not like there's a risk of losing the potential customer at stores due to their not being able to be grabbed by the spiffy cover text on the back).

Now, Bill, are you going to release LEGACY OF SATAN or not???

Sweet lovin' ... sweet Macumba lovin'

(click poster for huge hi res size)

Check this rad poster for the psychotronic movie MACUMBA LOVE from 1960! I've had the trailer sitting in the bar on the right for the last couple of years (and you should check it out, it's one coool trailer) but have kept forgetting to get hold of the film itself (too many films in this world!!). But, lo and behold, I've finally ordered it from a grey market seller in the US (actually, it was rather difficult to find a place that has it). Ahhh, sweet Macumba love.

The management of this theatre asks you to bow your heads in silence for 15 seconds in memory of those who have passed away while watching our next attraction. Please bow your heads.

NB: I got the poster scan from WRONG SIDE OF THE ART website. Check it out. It's run by just the one guy and there's tons of high resolution poster scans!