Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More evil Mexicans

Ahh, yesterday I finally received more old Mexican horror moves!! This times a handful of original US NTSC tapes even, no bootlegs. The handful of 60s movies I got were all horror (or "terror" films as they're called south of the border - obviously not "south of the border" where I'm at cos that would leave you in Flensburg, Germany, LOL) and they were: DR SATAN (1966), DR SATAN VS BLACK MAGIC (Dr Satan y la Magia Negra, 1968), THE BLOODY VAMPIRE (El Vampiro sangriento, 1962, actually this one is probably a vhs boot. Oh well!) and ISLAND OF THE DINOSAURS (La Isla de los dinosaurios, 1967). Only THE BLOODY VAMPIRE is in English. Aye Caramba!!