Monday, December 8, 2008

Indian love

Welcome to WORLDWEIRD CINEMA ... the fake copy (lol)

Yeah, well, since it seems our friend Jared is off doing Stuff in the real world and won't be covering the world of worldweird cinema untill next year I thought I might as well take over as Jared.02 (haha) and start bring you some more stuff about weirdo cinema from around the world. Well, actually, screw the world what I'm really talking about is flicks from such places as Indonesia, the Philippines, Asia, and of course stuff from India and Pakistan. And as I'm sure you know already the main provider (at least in the West) of these amazing (or sometimes just right out weird!) films is of course Mondo Macabro and, incidentally, today they put up part one of a collection of multo cool'o clips from Pakistani trash films. This thing runs for about 10 min. so get yerself some coffee and enjoy this:

Lollywood Movie Madness - pt1 from Mondo Macabro on Vimeo.

- and when you're done with that go ahead and check out the "other" Worldweird Cinema blog. Although Jared is taking a break at the moment there's still tons of cool stuff to check out. Click here for Worldweird Cinema.

NB: If you'd like to keep the Lollywood special you might wanna download it right away. On the MM blog they say it's only going to stay on-air for about a month. No mention of whether it'll be included on a dvd or whatnot.