Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hello darkness, my old friend

Still beat at 4:30! Still as sweaty as a wet cloth at the end of the day (and feel like one). Sore legs. Sore fingers, sore everything. Work is not for normal people. Please give me back my old life as a drifter. And my second day on the bicycle. I tried to catch up with someone riding an old "grand ma bike". I failed miserably. Had to walk up the fucking hill. Most people probably wouldn't even call it a hill. :/
It's fucking 10:18 pm and I'll be fainting to sleep soon. :-/

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Too knackered to come up with a prper headline (or even spell correctly)

I haven't updated for a few days, or a week or whatever. The Nazis at the job centre have decided I should spend my days (while being on the dole) by working at some furniture plant. I'm so knackered when I come home I can't even switch on the bloody computer. Last night I fell asleep in the middle of HENRY!! Sorry to everyone who's waiting for a reply from me, a PM, email, or films/scans/money/whatever that I've promised them. I WILL get there but bear with me (or don't) but it may not be till next week before I get the time/energy for it. I'm just floored! I'm so tired I could sleep for a 1000 years.

But if nothing else I won LADY RAMBOH!! (an auction I'd totally forgotten all about!!).

Seller's description:

LADY RAMBOH (1991) Ippei Suzuki Sexily RARE JAPAN VHS
The woman that the younger sister was killed by the organization begins revenging in the jungle in the Philippines. Battle action developed in jungle in the Philippines.
Director: Ippei Suzuki
Stars: Mio Takaki,Kenji Imai,Tomu Saeba,Harumi Kai,Mika Yoshikawa
80 Minutes
Japanese voice
Condition : Used

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

KILLDOZER "Going to the beach today" - fan video (1992)

KILLDOZER posted this fan made video on their Facebook page today. It's pretty cool (and of course a VERY cool track by one of my all time favourite bands).

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Deja View: Turkish Star Trek

Here's a home video that's actually really good (no shaky camera, no naked legs, no trash on the floor!)!! It's done by Ed Glaser and if you're into world-weird movies I'm sure you remember Ed. He's the guy behind DarkMaze who released TURKISH RAMBO aka Rampage aka Korkusuz on reg. 1 DVD a couple of years back. Ed's a big fan of world-weird knock-offs of American films (aren't we all!) and here's his video about the Turkish version of the original STAR TREK telly series. Good fun!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

King of the tube

Another crappy video. I'm beginning to think of myself as the Andreas Schnaas of YouTube videos, haha.

PS: and no need to mention it: Yes, I fucked up in reg. to the Gynther Meyer moniker!!! >_<

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Oh Siouxsie!

I'm told crooked ex-Soviet Union scientists are working on a time-machine and trust me as soon as they get the bloody thing into production I'll be first in line to buy a single ticket set for 1977-85. I'll pay for the full rotation so that every time I reach New Years Eve 1986 I'll automatically get hurled back to 1977!!!

This is "Metal Postcard" by Siouxsie & The Banshees performed live in 1977. The track is originally from their début album "The Scream". The Banshees also recorded it for John Peel and it was later released on a Peel Session 12" EP which I bought when it initially came out. Siouxsie Sioux' voice is one of the very best in all of contemporary music if you ask me!

Awesome TAPES from the land of the rising sun finally on their way home

Not too shabby! Not at all, actually!! Tonight I won the Japanese VHS releases of IMPOSSIBLE WOMAN and THE EVIL DEAD! Bloody fantastic!! If you've been with me for a while you'll remember I won the Greek ex-rental release of IMPOSSIBLE WOMAN a couple of years back but I've wanted this one for quite a while. I already have a nice dvd-r of the Japanese tape so I knew how brilliant the picture quality is. Totally uber superior to the Greek tape; Colours much better! However, the Greek tape does have the advantage of original Mandarin audio with English subtitles. The Japanese tape is dubbed into English. But still!! (as they say in old kung fu films) And of course the cover is a beaut!!!

Next up is an little known indie horror movie called EVIL DEATH - hmm, or is it EVIL DEAD? Hahaha. Yeah, well, the days of it being only familiar territory to the most ardent hardcore splatter fans are long gone, and needless to say I've already got a handful of different versions of the film already but even so I still needed this rare Japanese tape. xD

MISSION TERMINATE! I bought this one last night. It's a Filipino Vietnam war flick and one of the few films in which Richard Norton actually gets to play the good guy. That guy must have played bad guys more than most other bad guy actors, haha. I already have the Greek tape but, well, you know, you should always do the utmost effort to obtain the Japanese VHS of any film which doesn't exist on DVD!

And lastly one that I sadly DIDN'T get: Dario Piana's TOO BEAUTIFUL TO DIE (1988). The film is a sequel to NOTHING UNDERNEATH (aka Modelmordene) which has one of the very few Danes in it who got to act in giallo films: former supermodel Renée. We're so proud of her (as if! If you wanna read about it on Wiki you'll have to check the English language page; the Danish page totally omits her film "career"). As far as I know, TOO BEAUTIFUL TO DIE isn't on DVD anywhere and the Japanese tape is one of the few releases. There's also a Dutch tape (ZDD has a boot off it) but it's fullscreen. This tape is lbx. Unfortunately some other schmuck won it. :/

Friday, June 17, 2011

Home video from a desolate farm house???

My sincere apology to everyone for my videos being so crappy! I look at Paul "Bookaroo Blood Bullets" videos and scratch my head! How the fuck does he do it?? And the same goes for Simon Explosive Action! So calm, so informative, so well filmed. The mind boggles (mine does anyway). o_O

Oh, and the battery ran out!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I really can't think of a headline so just read the damn thing!

Fred Anderson sent me a link to this religious comic as he thought the resemblance (of the uncanny bald guy) to me was striking. LOL. Uncannily striking I'd say, haha. Most of you have never met me obviously but check the avatar on the right for a comparison. LMAO. I copied the comic from this page.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dark leather, dark shades, coloured plastic trash... and Nico

I watched this cool three part documentary on Andy Warhol and the people who orbited around him during the Factory period in the '60s. It's a pretty good documentary. There's also a 100 minute (director's cut) cinema edit which I haven't seen but I would assume it loses too much of the interviews and stuff (the TV version runs around 150 minutes). At the moment the same TV channel (DR K/Denmark) is showing another three parter; this one about Woodstock and it's weird to think these two extremely different kinds of attitudes/people/music existed around the same time. Some of the hippie music like Jimi Hendrix is cool but I'm definitely more of a Velvet Underground person. LOL. I dvdr'ed the se from telly which was a good thing cos the scheduled reg. 1 2-disc release was cancelled (but there's an Aussie DVD available on Amazon US & UK). The director's cut had a limited cinema release and is also on DVD but (apparently) only available directly from the producer. You can order it here and there's a shit load of info and interviews on that page as well.

NB: I looked up shades (i.e. sunglasses) on Wiki and who else but the pope of trash would pop up. LOL.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Frogs (USA, 1972)

I re-watched George McCowan's FROGS from 1972 tonight. I've only watched it once before, on television (sometime in the '90s). Tonight, I enjoyed my new rare Danish ex-rental VHS (I've been after that tape for almost 10 years so thanks to Henrik Larsen for finally letting go of his copy!).

I remember the TV print being way too dark but the VHS looked pretty good. There's also an MGM DVD and interestingly enough FROGS was included in MGM's "Midnite Movies" series but ONLY on video! Their DVD version is an ordinary release outside the series. Weird (and yes I own the DVD too).

Ray Milland is in the movie and he's always good. There are some good death scenes and the actors are all good. A few reviewers usually complain about the film taking way too long to really kick off and that it has too much dialogue. I guess a lot of people prefer the characters in horror movies to equal the depth of characters in the funny pages. Build-up and getting to know characters doesn't actually hurt a movie in my book. Actually not at all.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Flænset re-released on DVD in July

It seems there's a chance the old Danish splatter movie FLÆNSET (aka Shredded, 2000) is going to get a DVD re-release in July. At least it's listed on the Danish video store Laserdisken's webpage. I've never been able to find the original DVD version (and for some reason I just never got around to picking up the VHS when it was available!). The movie is directed Heini Grünbaum and it totally bombed when it came out originally and the director was never allowed to make another movie! However, it goes without saying that ordinary (lame!) film goers don't appreciate gory flicks and word is this is actually pretty good. Needless to say, I'm crossing my fingers this release is gonna happen. For a long interview with the director (in English) go here.

Thanks to Magnus for the tip.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I haven't been been much on FB or in Cyberspace this week as the Nazis at his local Job-centre signed me up for another useless course. Apologies to those who are awaiting for replies for whatever reasons.

...der stod en flok og drak sig ihjel

Danish hippie music from 1971.

Gasolin' doing "Langebro" from their debut LP "Gas 1". When I grew up I used to prefer their later records but now I think this is my favourite LP of theirs. They existed from 1969-78 and reformed for one short tour in '82 (where I got to see them).

Thursday, June 9, 2011

War of the Satellites (1958)

In 1990 the BBC broadcast all of Roger Corman's Edgar Allan Poe movies (as far as I remmember there's 8 of them but some of them aren't by Poe, LOL). I taped most of the films but more importantly I also taped the 30 min two part TV documentary THE CURSE OF CORMAN. I haven't watched it for at least 10 years but I remember one of the things Corman said was that he managed to convince the film company to let him spend the same amount of money on one colour horror movie that he would normally spend of two black & white sci-fi movies.

I watched his colour horror movies back then but for many years it's been difficult to find his old 50s sci-fi movies. Some of them are now on DVD and fortunately SHOUT! Factory recently released a double disc that contains ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS, WAR OF THE SATELLITES, and NOT OF THIS EARTH. There's also a whole pile of awesome trailers plus a documentary. The films are sourced from the original negatives, not some lame video master.

I watched WAR OF THE SATELLITES last night as thought it was pretty good. None of the films exceed the one hour mark by very much but actually I think it works better this way. If you try and jot down new movies that exceed their welcome you'll run out of note pad pretty quickly!

Oh, and Susan Cabot is in the film too! She was also in THE WASP WOMAN (you might remember I recently bought that from Something Weird Video, they claim their version is the only original cinema print whereas all other releases are the TV version). Recommended for sure!

Monday, June 6, 2011

So you're happy with your *uncut* DVD release of BURIAL GROUND, eh? (PART THREE)

My gawd! It's like a virus that won't die. What rabid beast have I unleashed! Now it's over on Cinezilla as well! FOUR SECONDS!!! Check out Jason's second by second, frame by frame run-down of the cut vs. uncut scene!!! Go here, tell him who sent ya!

So you're happy with your *uncut* DVD release of BURIAL GROUND, eh? (PART TWO)

Unless you have the brain capacity of a fruit bat (old Damon Foster joke from Oriental Cinema) I'm sure you remember my post about my recent purchase of the fully uncut Japanese VHS release of BURIAL GROUND (aka Zombie Nattens Terror / Nights of Terror / Zombie 3) - otherwise go here.

Half of the reason I did that post was to mock BURIAL GROUND fanatic Joachim "Jocke" Andersson in Sweden who lives and breathes that film. I mean how many times can a sane man watch that piece of trash! Haha. I'll admit it's a highly entertaining film but good? No. But then again, as you know, I enjoy Bruno Mattei's wrost pieces of garbage simply because they're entertaining.

I received the Japanese tape today and right away I had to make a video to post on Facebook to even further mock Joachim and the rest of his anti-VHS commie friends in Stockholm, Fred and Jason. The video turned out to be a masterpiece and you could be fooled into thinking it were an early effort directed by a young Richard Kern so obviously I'm gonna re-post it here. However, like I said it was meant to be posted on those gents' FB pages and that's why half of it is in badly conceived Swedish. My apologies to other Swedes. I didn't attempt to mock Sweden (as a matter of fact I love Sweden). I would have mocked Joachim no matter where he comes from, hahaha. Oh, and there was some debate on FB of whether I'm wearing pants in the video or not. I think I got most of them convinced I really am wearing pants.

Finally: the missing scene! Mein gott! It's like watching an entirely different film! My friends, this is how director Andrea Bianchi originally wanted his social comment to be seen. Not as that abomination which the producers re-cut to please the international distributors who just wanted mindless escapism. This is his rare uncut, unedited, untampered-with masterpiece that so few people have seen! This is his long lost director's cut that DVD labels around the world don't want you to see. I give you: the missing four seconds!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


The resemblance is uncanny!

From here. Thanks Fred (but why Fred was seeking out religious warning material is unbeknownst to me @_@ After all, he hates all that stuff. o_O

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I've had a fucken migraine fo r two days now and it's not getting better so I won't answer emails or pm or anything till this gets better which could take days. for fucks sake! and i was supposed to esoemne tomorwjlksfj fucken spelling! If your applying for the fanclub don't worry i've got people take care of that. later.