Friday, January 6, 2023

Ringo Lam's awesome WILD SEARCH now on bluray!

"Now" means in 2021 - yes, I'm being slow here!
As someone mentioned recently it's a fantastic time to be a fan of old Hong Kong "new genre" films from the 80s. A lot of this stuff was released on vhs and dvd back in the day but has been neglected on the "new" media, bluray. However, now it seems a handful of labels are putting these films out by the bucket load.
Of course this can also be a disadvantage as some films might get lost in the shuffle. I hope that's not the case with Ringo Lam's awesome WILD SEARCH (you should get it!), which is now on bluray from Eureka in the UK. I've been a fan of the film for longer than I can remember and I own the it on vhs and dvd already. And today I received Eureka's new bluray. I ran all the way from the bus stop just to watch it right away!!! No, not really, but I did watch it after dinner and the print looks great. Very happy with this release.
There's a few cool extras and the price was good. However, I wonder why they didn't include the film's trailer. I got the standard edition (is there even a special edition with postcards and shit for this one?). 130 kr. from iMusic if you're on these shores.

PS: I watched Ringo Lam's American film MAXIMUM RISK recently. It stars the Belgian ham with cheese Jean-Claude Van Damme and it's almost like these films were made by two different Lam brothers, Fantastic HK Ringo Lam and Has-to-bow-to-shitty-Hollywood-rules Ringo Lam. Both films have action and shoot-out scenes, but whereas WILD SEARCH has depth and well written characters, MAXIMUM RISK has as much of that as Van Damme has facial expressions. Ringo should have stayed at home if you ask me.

I reviewed MAXIMUM RISK on the Danish side of this blog. Go here.

New Eureka trailer:


 Hong Kong trailer:


Fan made music video for Anita Mui's song from the soundtrack: