Friday, November 19, 2010

A word from the editor about our big anniversary celebrations

The headline is of course wrong as this is neither a magazine nor are there any other people here than yours truly and thus no "our". But my initial headline "Three years down the line" reads too generic. LOLZ.

ANYWAY... Gee, has it really been THREE YRS since this debut post!!! I figured this blog would get me fortune, famous, laid, and more popular amongst my peers... and what's happened. No, don't answer that. Kurt's pic from Cinehound from today says it all. Pffft!

Has anybody been here since the first post apart from Nicolai? Some of you are truly "unknown readers in Cyberspace" and some are people I know either from real life or the blog world. But in any case thanks to everyone who's followed this crappy blog and either continue to do so or got pissed off (or bored) and left. Well, anyhoo, catch ya on the flipside, mates. :D

More old crappy posts from November 3 yrs ago here.