Monday, April 8, 2024

Always different, always the same


"Over the years, THE FALL have given me more pleasure than any other band and, when people ask me why, I always say, 'they are always different, they are always the same' and 'The Fall, a band by which, in our house all others are judged"

I remember taping some of John Peel's sessions of The Fall from Radio One when I lived in Barons Keep in Barons Court in London in 1990. This was 34 years ago! At one point he replayed all of them during several weeks - and I got to tape half of them (and missed the other half, silly me).
Of course, now I don't need to pull out the old cassette tapes (still got 'em, though) as I have the complete cd box set. 

Other bands would be asked to record the one, maybe two sessions. The Fall recorded twenty-four session from 1978-2004. The set contains them all. And ONE bonus track: The Fall recorded a happy tune (just kidding) for his birthday in 2004 (a couple of months before John passed away).

I played disc 1 today, which contains the first four sessions. You can't do them all in one go so I reckon I'll do a disk a day, six days. There's also a spiffy booklet of info about the various recordings. I have no idea if this set is still in print. But great stuff.