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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shaw Brothers DVD sale at DDDHOUSE

There's a temporary SB DVD sale going on over at DDDHouse at the moment. Prices are down to only 45 HK dollars per film, that's just under 6 dollars US. Check out the list here. If you're someone who's fussy about not getting "problematic" versions in regards to sound issues (and you SHOULD be fussy about that) you can check with this "SB Bad Mixes Warning Thread" over on ADG here.

Yukari in action (but still looking cute tho!!)

Alright, we've seen Yukari Oshima on film sets so here's a scene of the lass in full action. This is from LETHAL PANTHER 2 (confusingly retitled Lethal Panther on UK vhs/dvd). This short scene contains more action than most American films in full!

PS: for more fun entertainment check the comments section. Talk about someone being uptight, LMAO.

what a bunch of disgusting bitchest. They killed that poor woman, massacred with a 100 bullets even though she was unarmed till blood came out her mouth!! piece of shit bitch panther!! no appreciation for womans' life. as if a woman is a peice of meat that can be rammed with bullets as her blood is enjoyed. Fucking snuff sadists. We should stop movies with slaughtering being made with or by women, its so enethically promoting to snuff. All killing is wrong but killing women is just so so wrong!

Stop, just, please STOP. My stomach is aching from laughing. Arhhh.

Ohh, Yukari!!

Someone in Japan uploaded a bunch of cool Yukari Oshima clips to YouTube! The clips are from a Japanese TV show Yukari did in 1994; A film crew would follow her around to the sets of her films and in some of the programs she interviewed people (also on film sets she wasn't in). This first segment is interesting not least to Filipino film fans as it's from a Filipino movie set (I have no idea which movie it is).

And here's Oshima with Sammo Hung on the set of DON'T GIVE A DAMN:

On the set of FIST OF LEGEND with Jet Li:

And check the Osh doing hard work on this film set in Mainland China (again, no info on which film it is):

And finally a pretty boring segment but she's just so damn cute. xD.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Turkish posters from Ciko/Turkish Cult

Ciko (the guys behind the subtitled TURKISH STRAW DOGS dvdr release) just informed they they are now selling quite a few Turkish posters as well. Both for Turkish and non-Turkish films. You can check them out at their TURKISH CULT store on eBay here.

Hell of the Living Dead Video-cd's

I've got these two book shelves full of HK VCDs and one of them is NEW TENANT (directed by and starring Anthony Wong). I've had it out a few times and thought "hmm, not today". Well, after having read Jared's incisive rundown over at Worldweird I'm certainly gonna pull it out now (it's even still in its original wrapping, LOL). Read Jared's review here.

The following day, while sitting down to defecate, he is intruded upon by a rotund, mustachioed gentleman who, unable to see Wong already using the facilities, promptly whips it out and starts pissing directly on him. Blessedly, he disappears, but Wong is understandably upset and confused by this odd plot twist.

Rushing into his living room he is astonished to find several people having a get-together in his apartment. They can neither see nor hear him. Anthony Wong, unsurprisingly, freaks out.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The lost Mondo Macabro chapter finally in print (well, download print)


On Cinehound forum Pete Tombs once made the mistake of mentioning that due to a lack of space there was a full chapter that didn't make it to the MM book! A chapter on Lollywood cinema (i.e. Pakistani cinema) written by none other than Omar Khan who directed HELL'S GROUND (aka Zibahkhana). It was a mistake (haha) cos it meant I've kept bugging him on Cinehound ever since to put it out on their blog or website! Unfortunately, for some reason MM haven't wanted to do so. The chapter was actually included in the Spanish language edition of the MM book. However, ... lo and behold... Omar Khan has just put out what I believe is that chapter as an eBook (or eMag, whatever) for download! Go here. I can't comment on how good it is as I haven't read it yet (and thanks to Jared for the tip).

The Stick (South Africa, 1987)

I watched the South African horror/war movie THE STICK tonight and if it had any value to mention it here I would most likely say THE STICK is thee best South African movie I've ever watched ... but as I've only seen three S.A. film ever it doesn't make that much of an impression on you, I'm sure! xD.

The movie is from 1987 and was made and is set in the middle of the apartheid era which isn't something you're likely to forget thru out the movie ("Why the fuck do we need to carry this fucken dead kaffer?"). South African patrols are being attacked and killed off by a ghostlike enemy. The army leaders don't believe in ghosts so they wanna get the enemy once and for all. And by "get" means: "I don't need any prisoners" as they chief commander puts it in his speech to his men.

A group of 8 men take off to find the mysterious enemy in the bush. I'll do a proper review on my other blog later but sufficient to say THE STICK is one helluva film! It's very good and there's not one single moment where your mind drifts off to tropical islands and native go-go-dancers in bamboo skirts.

THE STICK is tough, raw, unpleasant (there are no real likeable characters in the fillm) and not for the fainhearted! Most of the dialogue is in English with a few Africaans (i.e. old Dutch) sentences scattered around for good measure. Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to actually get to watch the film. There are no DVD releases and the few VHS releases are very rare. I got my copy from Japan for around 30 bucks + postage. The picture is fullscreen and as good as it gets for VHS. This film really needs a proper release.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Three Fantastic Supermen (Italy, 1967)


I watched this a million years ago when I was in my first grade! My mum asked me if I wanted to attend a film club at my school and obviously I thought it was a grand idea. I believe 3 FANTASTISKE SUPERMÆND, as it was called locally, was the season's very first film but I could be wrong. Unfortunately, I didn't keep the program. It took about 35 years before I got to revisit the film. Until fairly recently it was close to impossible to track down and it was only due to Henrik Larsen getting hold of a German dubbed tape that I was able to watch the film again. Later I wrote a long review for his Obskuriøst magazine (see scan). DL the issue here (my article is in the lingo of the savage Norsemen though [some of the other stuff is in English, like a cool article on Kirk Morris by Graham Rix]).

I'm posting about this cos, lo and behold, I just bought a rare film program (thanks Henschjell!) from the film's cinema run in Denmark! Yay!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Youtube is awesome, hehehe.

This is, like, the awesommest video on YouTube, ever! xD.

THE COP (Yves Boisset, France/Italy, 1970)


Yet another seemingly cool film which isn't available anywhere! :-/

[click scan for full size]

Awesome Danish video cover. Unfortunately not mine. :-(

Jack J's 1970s: DELVECCHIO

Bloody hell! I've just discovered you can get the complete Delvecchio cop show on DVD now! Okay okay, it's a bootleg but still!! I've been wanting to revisit this for YEARS! I watched the series when it originally ran at the end of the 1970s and I haven't watched it since (Danish tv hardly never reran anything!). I'm sure these are broadcast episodes off air but who cares. I'm gonna get this when I get paid!

Hmm, and I've ALSO just discovered that there's actually ONE episode available legally! It's out on a reg. 1 DVD entitled "Brilliant But Cancelled" (it's got three more shows but I'm not familiar with any of them).

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Toooo much stuff!!!

My gawd! I've been tidying up all day, all those video tapes, dvds, vcds, cds, books, clothes, loo paper rolls, argh!!! Has anybody else got PILES of stuff in their house/apartment??? I mean STACKS of stuff! Tunnels of stuff! A family of midgets could live at my place and I wouldn't know it. Sometimes in the night I'll be lying in my bed and listen to something slowly skidding down from somewhere in the dark or falling over (killing the villagers who live at the foot of one of the vhs mountains). I got two new bookcases recently but it's no way nearly enough to stock it all. I NEED MORE BOOKCASES!! I'm sure someone (weird, strange people from odd countries) would suggest I'd get rid of some of it all but they're probably not collectors. LOL.

Copenhagen Call-Girls soundtrack!!

Thanks to a nice uploader here's some more clips from the psychotronic movie VILLA VENNELY (aka Copenhagen Call-Girls) from Denmark, 1964. The movie is available from Something Weird Video. The info on their page says it's an English subbed version taken from a 35mm print. My own copy is the Danish VHS. There's no official DVD release and there probably won't be one either. :-(

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This Account Has Been Suspended

What happened to Asian DVD Guide??? Somebody forget to pay rent? LOL.

Uhh baby... come to daddy

The holy grail of dark and nasty/yukki Hong Kong horror is finally coming home where it belongs. Yes, to sit on one of MY shelves!!! xD.

Oh man, keeping an eye on an eBay auction like this all week is NERVE WRECKING, lemme tall ya that! LOL.

Herschell Gordon Lewis : The Godfather Of Gore - the trailer!

The trailer is now on YouTube and here it is!

Thanks Member-X! ;-)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New DOCUMENTARY on the granddaddy of GORE MOVIES

Just brilliant!!! There's a new docu on Herschell Gordon Lewis in town called HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS: THE GODFATHER OF GORE!!! Or rather it's gonna play festivals in the US so I guess it'll take forever before we get it on DVD but, still, VERY exiting!! The docu is directed by Frank Henenlotter and Jimmy Maslon and produced by Maslon and Mike Vraney of SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO.

My own first H.G. Lewis film was THE GORE GORE GIRLS which I bought on bootleg VHS from Psycho Voodoo Video in Melbourne in, ehh, I forget. Early to mid 1990s. I reviewed it many yrs later for an issue of Stay Sick! magazine

There's a trailer for the docu on Something Weird Video's web-site but I can't embed it here so check it out here.

Take an outrageous ride through this wild world of exploitation films with this thoroughly entertaining documentary, HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS - THE GODFATHER OF GORE!

Featuring cult director John Waters, Drive-In Movie Critic Joe Bab Briggs, Herschell Gordon lewis himself and a "cast of thousands," you'll witness the innocent bare-naked era of Nudie-Cuties before Lewis schocked the world with "Blood Feast," the first ever gore film!

But that's not all - Lewis conrinued to assault audiences with such retro campy classics as "She-Devils on Wheels," "Blast-Off Girls," "Just for the hell of It, "Two Thousand Maniacs!" and the incredible "Wizard of Gore!"

Experience a decade of motion madness - with tons of clips, rare outtakes testimony from the people who were there, and a rabid sense of humor - as HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS - THE GODFATHER OF GORE leaves you laughing and screaming at the most amazing motion pictures to ever play American Movie theaters!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Come to papa!

I've been trying to get hold of Ocean Shores' VHS release of the new-wave HK movie JUMPING ASH (1976) for quite a while and this afternoon I finally secured a copy. Yay! Actually, I've lost out to other eBay bidders TWICE in the past and BOTH times was due to my "only" having placed 30 bucks on the tape and some other schmuck won it for 31 dollars. TWICE!! .\_/.
Haha. Well, that's life.

A while ago a got hold of the Greek VHS which is taken from an old and scratched (beyond belief) print with big Greeks subs that cover up the on-screen text. Anyhoo, today was my lucky day! I placed 50 bucks and won the fucker for just under the 9 dollar mark! Amazing!! All the way up to the finishing line I kept thinking "somebody's GOT to make another bid! How could they not! Are they daft!! It's JUMPING ASH for crying out loud!!!" Hahaha. Oh well, maybe everyone was out in the sun. My luck indeed.

For my old posts about JUMPING ASH go here.

- below the old Greek VHS:

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Survival of the Dead: talk 'bout barebone!

I've just bought George A. Romero's latest entry to his never-ending zombie tale; SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD. It's the UK DVD and you can get it cheap from (retailing at 7 Euros) and I must say I'm slightly disappointed. Usually I like to watch a film's trailer and some of the interviews. And it's cool to have the subtitle option. Well, you can forget any of that with this release; It has got NOTHING! O_O!! Nothing other than the film itself (obviously)!! No trailers, no interviews, no crappy advertising "documentaries", no alternative footage, or even English subs for the deaf (which I'd call hearing impaired if I were PC, so I don't). What a crappy release! And in addition to that some people even say the film sucks, haha (but obviously I'm gonna make up my own mind about that).

Gee, there's more extras in this post than on the DVD!!:/

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bobby A. Suarez double now set for October!

I wrote about the upcoming DVD release of THEY CALL HER CLEOPATRA WONG and ONE ARMED EXECUTIONER here and I've been informed that the release is now set for October. Also, I can now reveal it's going to be one release containing both films, i.e. not two separate releases. The info I have is that Andrew Leavold's interview with Bobby A. Suarez is probably going to be included. Word is the interview is the only one that was ever filmed with Bobby! I certainly hope it gets included.

Put on your bikini and shoot machine guns

Yep, this video is from the one they're watching in Tarantino's JACKIE BROWN. It's an awesome video; I mean all it is is a bunch of scantly clad sexy babes with automatic guns going: "This is an AK47" pow pow pow pow.
- Haha. Absolutely fantastic! xD. And yes I've posted it before but, uh, I thought you needed to see it again. LMAO. It's available on VHS and DVD in the US. I want one!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Better not piss off a truck!

I bought DUEL (1971) on DVD today. It's directed by Steven Spielberg from before be became famous. Funny enough, I also watched another early Spielberg film recently; MURDER BY THE BOOK (also from 1971). I haven't actually watched DUEL for many years but I do remember it as being really good (and I also remember being disappointed Dennis Weaver didn't act like his Mccloud character in the film. LOL). Although made for American telly it did actually play cinemas in Europe and OZ. Unfortunately, I never got to see it at the cinema but only on TV. As far as I remember the first time I watched DUEL was sometime in the 70s or early 80s maybe.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Message From Space on DVD

aka UCHU KARA NO MESSJI (Japan, 1978)

A hundred years ago I got a VHS dupe of this film from Henrik Larsen (Obskuriøst magazine) off the English dubbed Danish VHS, and now it's finally been released on DVD by Discotek Media. The film is a cool Japanese STAR WARS ripoff from 1978 starring among others Sonny Chiba and Hiroyuki "Henry" Sanada. It's directed by Kinji Fukasaku who also did THE GREEN SLIME and BATTLE ROYALE (to mention two rather different films, LOL).

Info from Discotek Media's eBay store:
OFFICIALLY LICENSED IMPORT VERSION! THIS IS AN AUTHENTIC, LICENSED DVD. Contains both the Japanese language version with English subtitles and the English language versions! Plays on all DVD players. The peaceful planet of Jillucia has been nearly wiped out by the metal skinned Gavanas, who's leader Rockseia XLL takes orders from his old wretched mother. King Kaiba sends out eight Liabe holy seeds, each one to be received by a chosen one. Its up to these special warriors to save mankind from the Galvanas attack. Starring Sonny Chiba, Vic Morrow, Hiroyuki Sanada, and Tetsuro Tanba. Directed by Kinji Fukasaku (Battle Royale)


Friday, June 11, 2010

Cry of the Banshee galore

How weird is that! This morning (around 11!) the mailman delivered two parcels, one from Mexico and the other from Denmark, and they both contained CRY OF THE BANSHEE!! O_O

The parcel from Denmark contained 12 rare ex-rental tapes (thanks Mikkel!) and one of them is the old Vincent Price movie CRY OF THE BANSHEE. And from Mexico I got the Mexican lobbycard. You can gawk at both of them in the above. xD. Awesome! Now I just need to get the DVD as well, haha.

Well, actually the DVD (from MGM's reg. 1 "Midnite Movies" series) is necessary as it contains the original British version of the film. This Danish tape is a bit of a curiosity as it contains AIP's old American print! According to a reivew on by Jakob Skøtt, the US version is edited differently, scenes are swapped around, and some occult scenes are colour tinted. Obviously, I'd like to watch both versions.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

THE MASKED DEVIL (Maskeli Seytan) (Turkey, 1971)

More psychotronic goodies from the world of Turkish pop cinema! MASKELI SEYTAN (which I assume means The Masked Devil) is from 1971 and directed by Yilmaz Atadeniz (who also did THE DEATHLESS DEVIL (DVD from MM) and SPY SMASHER (from Onar). This one comes courtesy of Ciko. Check out the trailer, it's pretty awesome not least the end where the baddies are attacked by... a MUMMY!! o_O

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Most best ever video on a Wednesday!

Revolting Cocks doing "Do ya think I'm sexy"!!!

I taped this off MTV's "120 min" in around 1992 along with a Chris Connelly interview. Connelly was the lead singer at the time and one of the things he said was that the video is directed by the guy who did the special effects for the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. To me it looks more like it could have been done by someone who did the SFX for the much gorier sequel, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, part 2 but anyway I haven't actually been able to establish the connection between any of them, neither the video nor any of the films. EDIT: 12 years later and I've just rewatched the old Chris Connelly interview and I CLEARLY GOT IT WRONG the first time around! He doesn't mention that the director (Tom Rainone) directed TCM. He said that some of the castmembers from the original TCM are in the music video. D'oh!!! /Jack, 19.12.2022) And now I can't even remember the fucken director's name, hahaha. Arrr, sod it. Just watch this piece of brilliant trash popculture. There's stuff from 1980s splatter movies in there, there's psychotronica galore, and awesome chicks. One of the actors from TCM is there and Scott Ian (of Anthrax) shoots a machine gun in there somewhere too. Play this over and over all night. The picture quality is a li'l low but if you really wanna watch it properly it's out on DVD (incidentally a Ministry DVD!).

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gamera vs. Barugon on DVD in July

Ahh, sweet!

Info from Fangoria:
Following up its recent release of GAMERA, THE GIANT MONSTER, Shout! issues BARUGON July 6. The first color film in this kaiju series, it pits Gamera against a humongous, lizardlike beast that can emit a freezing spray from its elongated tongue and project a deadly rainbow ray from its back. In addition to a widescreen transfer from an all-new HD master, the disc will include:

• Audio commentry by J-monster experts August Ragone and Jason Varney
• Publicity galleries
• Booklet with an essay by actor Kojiro Hongo
• Reversible cover

Thanks to the old "Oriental Cinema" fanzine writer August Ragone and other posters on Dvdmaniacs for the heads-up.

When Fred Anderson comes to you in your dreams

I dreamt about Ninja Dixon's Fred Anderson last night! No, it wasn't a gay fantasy as that's not my scene but a real dream. He and some other guy were visiting and staying over. They were sleeping on the floor of my lounge room. Fred was wearing a polo; he wiped his nose on it and looked confused around of what to do. So I said: "Do you want a T-shirt?". Yes, he did. I opened my cupboard which was now sitting in my lounge room (which some of you call living room) instead of my bedroom. But I couldn't find a shirt cos my dad and some guy with a German Alsatian had filled my cupboard with all kinds of stuff. Obviously, none of them live here. I couldn't find the T-shirt so we decided I should sleep in the old summer house that we used to own near the beach. Don't ask me how this was supposed to help Fred get a new T-shirt. During the night at the summer house I was happy to have the dog there in case of burglars. Obviously, the damn dog needed to go for a slash during the night so I got up and discovered that the lounge room was now placed in the kitchen of the house where I grew up! I'm sure it all means I've got severe psychological issues, have no sense of belonging, and ... that I wanna sleep with dogs.

Oh crap! O_O

Thomas Eikrem's RAGE still alive (in one form or another)

Back in the early 90s I used to read a Norwegian fanzine called Rage. The mag was a mix of articles and reviews of alternative films. Not just the usual horror and gore flicks that most zines wrote about in those days but also the experimental cinema like Richard Kern's movies.

The mag was edited by one Thomas Eikrem who also ran a alternative fanzine/book distro (they distributed my own zine Banned in Britain). At some point Eikrem moved to Denmark but kept releasing his mag. The last issue came out quite a long time ago.

But now I've just discovered that Eikrem (now in the UK) is still publishing RAGE, just under the slightly different title Filmrage. They have a homepage and are up to issue #7. The mag looks very cool and, get this, each issue is 120 pages printed on glossy paper and with a hardcover. Awesome!

But, and here it comes; every issue is £55!!! That's 80 dollars for a mag. O_O

Have any of you bought it? Is it worth 80 bucks? Their webpage is here.

The cover scan was posted on Facebook by Katja Bienert who was in Schulmädchen-Report 13 but I have no idea if that's her on the cover.

Edit: I just discovered fräulein Bienert was also in Jess Franco's Killer Barbys vs. Dracula from 2002!

If you read Danish you can check out Lars Movin's old review of Thomas Eikrem's video production and Rage #7 here.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Psychotronic #1: the one that got away in 1989!

I still remember the evening in 1989 when I bought my first issue of Psychotronic Video. It was at Tower Records in Piccadilly in London. The issue was #3 and I immediately recognised that here was a grand genre film magazine done by a true fan (i.e. Michael Weldon). I'd never before come across a mag that heralded the trashier but non-horror films. But this was it!

And now, more than 20 yrs later, I've finally got hold of #1! Well, that is... I haven't actually GOT it yet but I've certainly WON it on eBay at the VERY, VERY affordable price of 18 dollars and 50 cents! If you think that's expensive then try and check out how much the other (few) copies currently retail for: One copy has a "buy now" price of $60 and another one of $95!! Yeah, I'd say 18.50 bucks was a strike of bloody luck (probably due to people in the rest of the world being asleep). Obviously, I'm crossing my fingers the postman isn't gonna chuck it at the bottom of this mail bag or some such. :-/

I kept buying Psychotronic for many, many years to come but lost interest about 10 issues before Michael Weldon closed the mad. I probably didn't have much money (no news there!) and there was too much of the contents I just didn't care about. Maybe I ought to get hold of them before they too disappear.

When I published the debut issue of my first fanzine, Banned in Britain, in 1994 I sold a pile of copies for destribution to Thomas Eikrem who was running his Rage distribution in Norway at the time (Rage was both a film mag and a distro. And I've just discovered he's still doing the mag! More on that later). The deal was I could choose stuff from his distro in return. I got a book and a couple of fanzines. That book was the original first Psychotronic book, The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film.

And I'm happy to report it's still here with me and still my favourite reference book. Yeah sure Weldon did another volume but I never thought it was as good as the first one (but needless to say I do own a copy of course. Thanks to Michelle Gilchrist of Melbourne who got me The Psychotronic Video Guide and the Mondo Macabro book in one helluva combined Christmas/birthday present in the early 2000s. Thanks!). I think there was talk of a third volume at some stage and I would certainly love to see one. Weldon has now a Psycotronic website but its leading a pretty stilleben life, unfortunately. I wonder what else he's up to these days.

Dark '80s live on a Monday

THE CURE doing JOY DIVISION'S "Love Will Tear Us Apart".

The Boy And a Magic Box (Taiwan, 1975)

[click scan for bigger size]

Unfortunately, this tape isn't mine but belongs to Matt of Cinehound forum (who lives in Korea and does the Unknown Kino blog) and I don't have a copy of the film either but it looks cool (well, cheesy!).

I copied the video clip from the uber cool world-weird film site TARSTARKAS.NET and I urge you to go and read their review here.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fred's AD-MATS are in da house

I received my ad-mat set (on 2 dvd-r's) from Fred Adelman today. Very cool! If you want a set you might wanna get one quickly. Apparently, Fred's closing the offer and has only ten copies left. I got that piece of info from the old cool fanzine Temple of Schlock (which used to be a print zine but is now a blog). Go here.

[click scans twice for full size]

Ahh, los Mexican lobbycards are muy awesome!!!

I went crazy last night. No, I didn't shoot guns in the air and spew profanities at old women in the street, or even spray "Ozzy smells" on a wall but... I lost it and bought a whole pile of cool Mexican lobbycards!

It's been a while since I've bought any so I actually had to check a couple if I already had them or not (and even so I still ended up with ONE lobby that I already have. DUH!!).

I should point out in case you've never bought any Mexican lobbycards that they're not like American or European lobbycards, i.e. like big photographs but what I'd describe as small posters. Their size is approx 12 x 16 inches (31 x 41 centimetres) and most of them (though not all) are printed on heavy cardboard material. They're also original ones; As far as I know there are no re-prints of these as (I would assume) no one uses that kind of almost pulp'ish cardboard material for posters/lobbycards anymore. Now, stare in awe!


L'OSSESSA (Italy, 1974). This THE EXORCIST rip-off is also known in English as THE TORMENTED / THE SEXORCIST / THE OBSESSED, and under the truly AWFUL American dvd title: THE EERIE MIDNIGHT HORROR SHOW.

THE HOUSE OF EXORCISM (i.e. the edited "Exorcist" edit of Mario Bava's Lisa and the Devil)

HORROR OF THE BLOOD MONSTERS (Al Adamson's film which he made up from using an old [and seemingly now lost] Filipino horror movie. I'd looove to see the original film!).

THE FLY (i.e. the original 1958 version)

DR. JEKYLL VS THE WOLFMAN (on DVD from Mondo Macabro)



Thursday, June 3, 2010

3'rd of June

The sun is shining but boo to that! It's the 3'rd of June and somehow the weather doesn't matter today. I can't believe it's already been a full year since everything changed. I'm meeting with my aunt today and we'll be going to that place which is so familiar to a horror movie fan; Yes, the graveyard. But this is no movie. Boo-hoo to that too.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

SLITHIS on DVD from Code Red!

1978 Fabtrak
PRODUCERS: Stephen Traxler, Paul Fabian
ALSO RELEASED AS: Spawn of the Slithis
A '50s-style scaly monster, a product of nuclear pollution, attacks people in Venice, California. A good independent project with a fun publicity campaign. Free Slithis survival kits were given out at theaters and you could sign up for the Slithis fan club and receive a free photo.
Michael Weldon (The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film, 1983)

The old monster flick SLITHIS which until yesterday was only available on much deleted old VHS has finally been granted a release on one of those shiny wee discs! It's now out from Code Red but so far only available from Amazon US, not from Amazon UK. Hopefully it will be soon so I can save the 10 bucks I'd have to pay extra for ordering from Amazon US. It's almost robbery by daylight!


Yes, nice indeed! I'll be getting these two Japanese babies soon! Yay! I've already got both films but in inferior versions. Bruno Mattei's ROBOWAR I've only got on a boot from Trash-online (but a very nice boot I should point out. LOL. And off the very same Japanese release actually). And my Danish Juno Media VHS release of Santiago's WHEELS OF FIRE clocks in around the 65 minute mark. Juno Media was a Norwegian company so altho all films are usually uncut in Denmark unfortunately we had to suffer the cuts by the bloody Norwegian censors! (are you still out there, Patrick?). The uncut version runs 81 minutes so I'm definitely looking forward to this uncut tape. xD.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Super rare Cuneyt Arkin film on super expensive DVD

A little while back Bill Barounis wrote this on his Onar blog:


In a previous post I was talking about a mad greedy collector in Ankara who owns 100's of 16mm films, most of them obscure titles that were considered to be LOST.

Some of them are the superhero films RUZGAR HAFIYE, BOMBALA OSKI BOMBALA, KAMCILI KADIN (KINOVA 3) or Cuneyt Arkin's LOST 60's actioner CEHENEMME BIR YOLCU.

Too bad the costs were so gigantic that I decided to buy ONLY the aforementioned 2 titles, RINGO GESTAPO'YA KARSI & that secret LOST KILINK film.

I've just discovered that there's is now a limited DVD release of CEHENEMME BIR YOLCU and there's a seller on German eBay who has it. But this is fucken insane: He is charging 300 dollars for a copy of the DVD!!!

Check the auction page here.

What a bloody shame!!! My Turkish is a bit rusty (haha) but I think it even says it has English subs.

Anybody wanna cough up (and make me a dvd-r)???

Thanks to "Tombei" for info.

Cool and (hopefully) awesome upcoming stuff

I'm definitely looking forward to Dark Sky's upcoming DVD release of Arthur Marks' BONNIE'S KIDS from 1973. The awesome cover (from a Spanish poster) is provided by Marc Edward Heuck of Dvdmaniacs. Release date 29th of June. description:
Product Description
Now Uncut & Uncensored On DVD
For The First Time Ever!

Get ready for one of the true lost classics of 70s exploitation cinema: Tiffany Bolling (THE CENTERFOLD GIRLS) and Robin Mattson (ALL MY CHILDREN) deliver eye-popping performances as small town sisters who murder their pervert stepfather and flee to the big city, where they ll tangle with horny private eyes, predatory lesbians, $400,000 in stolen mob money, and a bantering pair of black and white hitmen (Alex Rocco of THE GODFATHER and Timothy Brown of NASHVILLE) that historians cite as a key inspiration for PULP FICTION. Steve Sandor (THE NINTH CONFIGURATION), famed tough-guy actor Scott Brady (JOHNNY GUITAR) and Sharon Gless (in her film debut) co-star in this notorious drive-in noir from writer/director Arthur Marks (DETROIT 9000, BUCKTOWN), now fully restored in HD from the original 35mm negative with an all-new featurette for the first time ever on DVD.

Arkin galore!

I got a bunch of Cuneyt Arkin films in the mail today! Yay! They're all on Turkish VCD, all costume adventure films (in the vein of the KARA MURAT series), and none of them are subtitled! But none of these films' story lines are particularily difficult to follow; Their plots are almost as thin as Hanna-Barbera cartoons! Lots of action, beautiful women, and Cuneyt Arkin being, well, Cuneyt Arkin! xD.