Monday, April 8, 2024

Always different, always the same


"Over the years, THE FALL have given me more pleasure than any other band and, when people ask me why, I always say, 'they are always different, they are always the same' and 'The Fall, a band by which, in our house all others are judged"

I remember taping some of John Peel's sessions of The Fall from Radio One when I lived in Barons Keep in Barons Court in London in 1990. This was 34 years ago! At one point he replayed all of them during several weeks - and I got to tape half of them (and missed the other half, silly me).
Of course, now I don't need to pull out the old cassette tapes (still got 'em, though) as I have the complete cd box set. 

Other bands would be asked to record the one, maybe two sessions. The Fall recorded twenty-four session from 1978-2004. The set contains them all. And ONE bonus track: The Fall recorded a happy tune (just kidding) for his birthday in 2004 (a couple of months before John passed away).

I played disc 1 today, which contains the first four sessions. You can't do them all in one go so I reckon I'll do a disk a day, six days. There's also a spiffy booklet of info about the various recordings. I have no idea if this set is still in print. But great stuff.

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Remembering JEFFREY LEE PIERCE - 27. June 1958 - 31. March 1996

L-R: Kid Congo Powers & Jeffrey Lee Pierce.
Photo by Richard Dumas

Here's a great photo of JEFFREY LEE PIERCE and KID CONGO POWERS of THE GUN CLUB (posted on facebook by Powers who was also in another awesome band, THE CRAMPS). Jeffrey Lee died today in 1996.

I got to see The Gun Club at the Town and Country Club in London in 1990 when they had reformed. Jeffrey was probably a tortured soul but his records are great. I bought my first Gun Club records in 1987 (both on the same day and incidentally their best and their worst!). Gone too soon.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

THE CRAMPS interview (Moshable zine, Denmark, 1998)


I bought every issue of Moshable when it ran from 1987 thru to 2000. 20 issues out of which 19 were in English and one (#1) was in Danish. In the early days the zine was totally punk rock but later they discovered garage rock and punk 'n' roll. Needless to say they also discovered THE CRAMPS and Crypt Records (and a ton of Crypt bands). One of the editors is now running Bad Afro Records. I've scanned this in 300 dpi. 

Sunday, January 7, 2024

Yet ANOTHER blog on trashy FILIPINO cinema from Andrew Leavold!

In complete contradiction to yours truly Andrew Leavold is staying on course ALL THE TIME, EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY ALL THE TIME!!!!! 

That course of course being the TRASHY FORGOTTEN IGNORED MISTREATED FILIPINO FILMS COURSE, needless to say. Hahaha. 

And he keeps putting up new blogs about these films. Here's his latest: THE BAMBOO GODS PROJECT. I've just now discovered this so you're on your own finding out the ins and outs. I'm confident it's gonna be super cool and interesting. That man is a walking Filipino film encyclopedia!