Thursday, June 21, 2012


I'm doomed to live a life in circles of having a migraine and not having a migraine. This is the first time for a week that I'm switching on my computer. I've had extreme headache attacks on a daily basis for over a week now. So far, today seems to be okay. Migraine isn't like having a mere hangover. It's the worst hangover times 25. I'd swap a migraine for a root-canal any day. Root-canals is kids' pains. And apart from the shitty pain it means I lose out on cool stuff and ... have 17 pages of new emails, tons of PMs, and unpaid bills. If you wrote to me I'll get back to you at some stage.

PS: If you're applying for my fanclub don't worry I've got people take care of that. Have your credit card ready.