Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fred Adelman's collection for sale

I have often linked to Fred Adelman's web-zine, Critical Condition for film reviews about all kinds of exploitation reviews and there's been a link on this blog to CritCon for the longest time (on the bar to the right). Fred was a member of Dvdmanicas for many years and he is also a member at Cinehound (although he doesn't post) and his knowledge about exploitation films is huge (for quite a while he's written a proper review EVERY day!). Critical Condition began as a print zine in 1982 and he's been running it ever since. You can find it here.

The web edition is HUUGE! Also, Fred has tons and tons of tapes and he's been cutting out ad mats from newspapers from 1970-94 and he's now going to sell both the original collection and cd-r's with scans of them all. Read about the ad mat sale here.

And last but certainly not least, Fred is now going to sell his VHS collection and there are already some tapes up for sale!!
Go here.

Mess with beautiful Byzantine women and they'll give ya HELL!!!

From a Mondo Macabro screening on UK TV of KARAMURAT, THE SULTAN'S WARRIOR. Thanks to Henrik Larsen of Obskuriøst magazine (and initually Graham Rix).