Friday, September 11, 2009

CATHARSIS - trailer

My mate Fokion Bogris has been working on his low-budget film CATHARSIS forever and it's finally finished. If you're in Greece go watch it next Thursday when it'll be showing at the Athens International Film Festival. Here's the trailer with English subs (they're not burnt in, you put them on by clicking the little arrow in the bottom right corner). It looks great and I wish I were in downtown Athens. :o(

Edit: Oops, due to Blogger not having adjusted the video window for widescreen it cuts off some of the right part of the screen. You're better off watching this on YouTube. :/

Esteban, a middle-aged ex cop, arrives at the city of Athens to stay with his uncle and look for a new job. He is broke and frustrated. A chance for a new beginning comes when the police chief tracks him down and asks him to take down the two of the most vicious crime syndicates in the city.

Starring: Kostas Stefanakis, Vangelis Mourikis, Christos Natsios, Vangelis Alexandris
Guest appearances: Yiannis Economidis, Kostas Xikominos, Tina Spathi, Nicholas Triantafyllidis.
Special Make Up FX: Disturbed Twins, Yiorgos & Roulis Alahouzos
Directors of photography: Bill Papas, Domenico Fusco Music: Cygnosic
Produced by Ground Floor Films
Written & directed by Fokion Bogris