Monday, March 19, 2012

Strike of the Tortured Angels (HK, 1982)

I watched this film tonight and... ahhhh, what a wonderful movie!!! "My kind of movie", as Steve Mayhem would say. xD
So inept it ventures into the bizarre world of the surreal. You look at your glass thinking WHAT AM I DRINKING THIS CAN'T BE REAL... but it is real. It's... STRIKE OF THE TORTURED ANGELS!!!

Released on VHS in Denmark (as "Tortur i Kvindefængslet"), Sweden, USA, and I thiiink there's a Dutch tape as well. The Danish VHS was used on at least one public domain DVD box set in the US! (one reviewer mentioned it has tape-roll so I'll bet my own original VHS looks heaps better! LOL). The YouTube upload (from Member-X) is from the Swedish tape.

And good thing I understand Danish; I wouldn't have wanted to be without those subtitles! They're so badly translated it adds an entire extra level of comedy to the viewing experience!

"Well, at least you had a good go. It's just unlucky for you that you messed it all up."

= Men du har jo en go' skyder! Et held for dig, du ikke tabte den!

[Well, at least you have a good gun! Your luck you didn't lose it!]