Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Important message regarding Jack J

This goes out to everyone at the various forums I frequent (not least Cinehound, Dvdmanicas and and everyone that I'm in touch with, this means both Cyberspace people and real people.

I will only be posting this here so if anyone asks about me could you please let them know or refer them to this post. Thanks.

Unfortunately, everyone runs out of luck at some stage and this morning my mum passed away. I really don't feel like updating here or posting on message boards for the time being. So you'll have to live without me for a while. I don't know when I might return. If you're someone I owe something as part of a trade or otherwise; you will eventually get your stuff. Be seeing you.

Your friend
Jack J

The undoubtedly coolest music video on YouTube!!!

When that day comes and those crook Russian ex KGB scientists finally get that time-machine into production I'll be buying a one-way ticked to 1983! And I'll tune it so every time we reach 1987 it'll automatically return to 1983!!!

In case you don't know: this is the best band every to grace this sorry-ass world; Melbourne's The Birthday Party (altho they relocated to Berlin).