Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dark Hong Kong: BRUTAL SORCERY clip

I mentioned BRUTAL SORCERY a couple of days ago and here's a clip from the film. Now I really wanna get hold of this! :D

[VHS/HK/fullscreen/English dub/no subs]

[VHS/Japan/in Chinese/Japanese subs]

Drool away

No, it's certainly not the greatness or cool artwork that make these cover scans so appealing!! With the top one it's knowing that this is the only known copy of this tape! This is the Danish VHS release of LEMORA: A CHILD'S TALE OF THE SUPERNATURAL (1973) and no, unfortunately I don't own it, a collector buddy does. :(
But man, that cover!!

Here's another very rare one that I'm happy to report is sitting nicely on my shelf (the scan is of my mate's copy though); LOVE BUTCHER (1975).

EDIT: For an update go here.

De Dødes Tjern on upcoming dvd?

A couple of months back, Jocke (of Gummimonster-fetischism blog) reviewed the Norwegian horror movie DE DØDES TJERN (aka Lake of the Dead) from 1958, directed by Kåre Bergstrøm.

Apparently the film is totally rad and one IMDb user said he had to turn it off as it was too scary. Gee. So obviously I'd like to watch this spooky slice of celluloid but unfortunately it seems there's no DVD or VHS versions available. It's only been released as a film club VHS and shown on Norwegian TV. I haven't been able to find any info on upcoming DVDs either. Boo-hoo. So my question to my scores of Norwegian readers; do any of you know of an upcoming release (or if it's scheduled for broadcast)??? Thanks.

NB: No need to direct me towards torrent sites. I don't download. I fear the gestapo of the Eastern block country that I live in more than I want to see these rare films. And yes that is sad. :/