Monday, January 28, 2008


(or: 'The Return of a Torpedo')

On Saturday a week ago I came home late from the hospital (visiting) and was knackered. So obviously I slugged my newly acquired DVD of Cronenberg's EASTERN PROMISES in the ol' DVD player. As everyone knows (at least on these shores) it stars our big Danish hero Viggo Mortensen as a member of the Russian mob. Skip to a week later. I re-adjust my satellite dish and discover... I can watch Russian tv now! A Russian news broadcaster in English. It's surreal beyond belief. The reporters even have the same accent as Viggo. Obviously I'm speaking to you now in a cheesy Russian accent now.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

This is not a new post

Although I've decided to close this blog down I see there's 6 (six!) people who come here every day! Listen friends, I have no idea if you're hoping that I'll change my mind, or if you just like to re-read my old postings, or if you re-read my profile and spend hours on end wondering what I'm really like. Whatever your reasons I'm happy you like my blog enough to still come here every day... and there still won't be any new postings! It's over. I have moved on. I'm somewhere else in life now (LOL x 10). There won't be another post in a billion years. Maybe I'll see you around, maybe I won't, but in any case I hope you have a wonderful new year. Not a good one. Not a great one. A wonderful one.
Your friend
Jack J