Monday, February 16, 2009


It's been a bit quiet in the RAMBU camp here lately so I thought I'd better give you TWO pieces of exiting RAMBU news!! Firstly, the Peter O'Brian interview is done! Yep, though not by Ian and I but by the OTHER fanatical RAMBU fanatics (LOL) from Oh, by the way, did I forget to mention the interview is ONLINE!!! So why don't you just get hold of a big cop of coffee and settle down (it's a pretty long interview). Big congrats to the guys!

You'll find the INTERVIEW right here.

They've also recently added a store where you can buy bootleg versions of some of the Peter O'Brian films which is cool but unfortunately they've forgotten to include any info what so ever on the versions they're selling! For instance, is THE INTRUDER the letterboxed version or an ugly fullscreen print. Is it (shock, horror) the heavily cut UK version? And the other O'Brian films; which versions are they?

Interestingly enough, it's mentioned that they don't sell THE STABILIZER and TRIPLE CROSS because they are available elsewhere. THE STABILIZER is sure enough released on dvd in the US by Troma but you should avoid that AWFULL Troma dvd at all costs!! Somehow the dimwits didn't even notice that their dvd print totally fucks up towards the end of the film. It's pretty much unwatchable and definitely very inferior to the Japanese vhs!! Anyway, I wish the guys luck with their site but they ought to consider putting a bit of info on their page in regards to which versions they're selling. I have no idea where TRIPLE CROSS is available. To the best of my knowledge it's never been released anywhere on dvd but is only available on OOP vhs (and DON'T get the US release as it's both heavily cut and re-dubbed!!).

By the way; Our friends at Trash-online in downtown Greece are selling a REMASTERED, uncut print of LETHAL HUNTER!!!

And there's more; Spannick from Asian Dvd Guide forum has just posted a trailer for an UNRELEASED Peter O'Brian film from 1989 entitled TIME GAME!!! It's indeed not released anywhere!!! Check the trailer here:

Yep, it looks like a DIE HARD rip-off (nothing wrong with that, LOL)!! Whether some company is gonna release this or not is of course up in the air but I'm certainly crossing my fingers!!!