Saturday, March 26, 2011

L'eroe di Babilonia (Italy/France, 1963)

aka The Beast of Babylon Against the Son of Hercules (USA) / Heroes of Babylon (UK) / Die Sklavinnen von Damaskus (Germany)

[German title lit. trans.: Slave Women of Damascus]

Directed by: Siro Marcellini
Gordon Scott: Nippur
Geneviève Grad: Tamira
Andrea Scotti: Namar
Célia Cély: Agar
Moira Orfei: Ura
Mario Petri: Kyros
Piero Lulli: Balthazar
Andrea Aureli: Anarsi
Giuseppe Addobbati: Licardio
Paola Petrini
Harold Bradley: Mursuk

I know nothing about the Italian peplum film genre ... and I know quite a bit about it!! Huh???

Well, I've never really watched that many of the films (I think this is the third one I've watched in total!) but my old friend Henrik Larsen used to tell me lots about them and in the old days I would read all his reviews and articles about the genre in his magazine Obskuriøst. So I'm not gonna bother with a review of a film that belongs within a context I'm not familiar with. Instead I'll post a bucketful of screen grabs and let you decide if you think it's something you'd like to explore any further.

It's a bumpy road padded with big sweaty, half naked men and often grabbing each other. Apparently these films are favourite viewing in gay circles and you can certainly see why. However, you can't complain about the lack of gorgeous women in L'EROE DI BABILONIA as there were aplenty! But don't expect any nudity, this is from 1963 after all, but, hey, "less is more"! I don't know how well L'EROE DI BABILONIA holds up against the rest of the genre but I was well entertained.

As far as I remember Henrik once told me there are about 200 films within the peplum genre and it lasted from the mid-1950s thru to the early 60s. After that the audiences got bored with the whole thing and the Italian film makers discovered the westerns and invented the spaghetti western genre instead!

"Silence! I kill you!"

NB: The cast credits list is from German Wiki. Blame them if it's not correct!

Sort Sol - "Langebro"

Originally recorded by Gasolin' in 1971.

Jeg må indrømme, at jeg synes sgu fanderme det er fedt det her! Nummeret har en voldelighed, som Gasserne aldrig formåede at give det (nåja, de prøvede selvfølgelig heller ikke).