Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Danish HEAVY METAL in the early days

Sacre bleu!!! I've just discovered someone uploaded the old (and veeeeery rare) LP "Halloween... the night of" by the early Danish heavy metal band WASTED. WASTED belong to that handful of the early heavy metal bands that existed just before HM developed into thrash metal (well, in Denmark anyway). Most of these bands came and went and hardly anybody remembers them today. I don't think I've actually listened to this record since the mid or late 1980s!! Unfortunately the album belongs to those (luckily very few) albums that I sold off sometime in the early 90s. And the reason? Well, quite frankly I never thought it was very good. But now, 25+ years after it came out, it's kinda fun (in a cheesy way) to listen to. Heavy metal was so different to all other music at the time. To listen to Heavy metal was really smacking society (and your parents) right in the dick! LOL. Check the other tracks on YouTube.