Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Shaw Brothers releases from Celestial!

Everyone though Celestial were done putting out Shaw Bros films but the BIG piece of news among fans of Shaw Bros flicks is that in 2009/10 they are going to put out THESE titles:

Battle for the Republic of China (1981)
The Black Enforcer (1972)
Black Magic Part II (1976)
The Brain Stealers (1968)
Dark Semester (1968)
Deadly Angels (1977)
Enchanted Chamber (1968)
Forever Diamonds (1968)
The Gambling Syndicate (1973)
Ghosts Galore (1982)
Girl’s Diary (1975)
Hong Kong – Manila –Singapore (1965)
Hong Kong Godfather (1985)
I will finally knock you down, Dad! (1984)
Interlude on Rails (1977)
The Killer (1971)
The Killer has no Return (1997)
Killers on Wheels (1976)
Legend of Feng Hsui (1979)
Love Lock (1975)
Mad, Mad 83 (1983)
Mini-Skirt Gang (1975)
Mission Impossible (1970)
The Mysterious Lady-Killer (1977)
Na Cha and the 7 Devils (1971)
Operation Lipstick (1966)
Painted Faces (1988)
The Psychopath (1978)
The Purple Shell (1967)
Red Beard (1971)
Ripples (1969)
Sing High Sing Low (1967)
Starry is the Night (1988)
Temperament of Life (1975)
Thief of Thieves (1975)
Three Stooges go Undercover (1984)
The Villains (1972)

Needless to say everyone in the Chinese community is stoked! And me too!!! All this stuff that has been unavailable for so long! Finally we are gonna get 3 DEADLY ANGELS (starring Evelyn Kraft)!! Argh!!! I can finally chuck out my terrible bootleg (off a pan & scan, English dubbed Greek vhs)!! Woo-hoo!! And as I've mentioned about 300 times: We are finally going to get BLACK MAGIC 2. Hell, I'm gonna buy BOTH the reg. 1 release AND the HK release of this!!!

Thanks to Mads Jensen for the heads up.