Friday, November 30, 2012

Flesh Feast (Brad F. Grinter, USA/1970)

Just finished watching FLESH FEAST (1970). The 15-20 minutes of maggots, corpses and Hitler are fun. The remaining 50 minutes are the longest 50 minutes of any film. Ever! Michael Weldon called it "tedious". I tend to agree. The cover of my Greek vhs is awesome tho. Actually better than the movie itself. LOL. It was Veronica Lake's last film. She was a film noir star in the 40s and I bet she would have regretted making the film had she known this was going to be her last. I bought the tape from Bill Barounis (RIP) four years ago and paid 10 bucks for it. Best line: "I had notsching to do vith it. It vas Eichmann und Göring!"