Tuesday, April 21, 2020

FEAR CITY (Abel Ferrara, USA 1984)

Tonight's viewing...
Abel Ferrara's FEAR CITY (1984)
When I lived in Melbourne it kinda made an impression on me that Fatal Visions zine interviewed Ferrara and the interviewer (Michael Helms) told him a part of Melbourne was referred to as "Fear City".

The blu-ray contains two versions of the film, the shorter theatrical edit and the fully uncut version. The uncut version, however, is actually a hybrid version of the film, it contains the uncut scenes but uses the last alternative scene from the theatrical print. Very odd (info from dvdcompare). The print looks like it's from the original negative except for the previously cut scenes that look like they are sourced from some kind of video tape. It makes the scenes very obvious.

Trailer #1: 

Trailer #2:

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

STACEY (Andy Sidaris, USA 1973)

Anne Randall as Stacey

Andy Sidaris' films are being released on bluray which is cool. However, if you ask me I'll tell you his best film is STACEY from 1973. And unfortunately, it's a films which not only isn't on dvd but it most likely won't be on bluray any day soon! Needless to say, this is due to the usual copyright nonsense. I've got an old ex-rental vhs release of the film (and I put it on the cover of STAY SICK! zine in 2003!). It goes without saying, the full film is on YouTube. I think it was one of the reviewers of Moshable zine who once wrote, "it's like a blaxploitation film just with white actors", haha. Too right! You should watch it – and you don't even have to look very hard to find it as I'm posting both the full film and the trailer down below. Oh, and Anitra Ford is in it!




Thursday, April 2, 2020

Late nite screening at Cinema J

Last night's double bill: '70s Blaxploitation gold and '80s wild black magic Taiwan horror!!!

TROUBLE MAN (1972) is a perfect film in my book. I love SHAFT but TROUBLE MAN is BETTER than SHAFT!

THE DEVIL (1981) before I got this brand new bluray I owned a dvd bootleg and also the original Japanese VHS but although I really like the film I hate the shitty dubbing. Finally – FINALLY – the film is available in its original Mandarin version. It makes all the difference. The new bluray is almost a schizophrenic experience; The hi-res bluray is off a real 35mm – no beta master or VHS master!!! – but at the same time it's off a MOULDY 35mm print. It looks awesome and it looks terrible. Personally I loved it.