Friday, March 29, 2013

Too cool for school!


I've never heard this band but the cover of their CD along with their name is too cool not to post regardless!! Info about them is scarce but one blog describe them as "primitive punk". Yeah, I believe that. The CD is from 2001 and they've probably broken up long ago and have become hausfraus or kindergarten teachers.

EDIT: Hmmm, all that Japanese writing confused me, haha. Apparently, "Pussy Cannibal Holocaust" is the title of the record, NOT the band. Bummer! That would have sounded much better than that real name which apparently is ANADOREI.

 Thanks to Kenno for tracking down this video on the ol'e tube:

According to the band have released two albums and two 7 inch EP's:

"Pussy Cannibal Holocaust" - CD (Captain Trip Records, 2001)
"This is the beginning of the end" - CD (Captain Trip Records, 2006)
 "We'll break male's fantasy fuck your myth of musculinity full of anger" - 7" (Captain Trip Records, 2002)
[untitled] - 7" (Freaked out frequencies, 2003)

You'll find the listing on Discogs here.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Aenigma! #2

(Not published yet!)

Here's the cover for the next issue of AENIGMA! Nigel says it'll probably come out in about two week's time or so. And yes, that is indeed Danish Bodil Joensen on the cover. The ish will have an article on her (if you don't know her do a google, there are Wiki pages in English and Danish) and obviously some other stuff that I don't know about (duh!). Bodil Joensen was known in Denmark as "Ornepigen Bodil" [Bodil the Pig Girl]. With THE CRAMPS added song title on the cover I'm sure you get the idea.

AENIGMA! on Facebook.

Battle of the Wonder Women

I bought Something Weird video's dvdr release of the Filipino/US film WONDER WOMEN (1973) and wrote about it in February 2011. Bruce Holecheck commented that Code Red were going to give the film a proper release on dvd and blu-ray.

I quite like the film and have been waiting impatiently for Bill Olsen to get his finger out his arse and release this cool Filipino film (along with the wild Filipino/US production RAW FORCE which Code Red also announced many, many moons ago!). Then about a month ago, Bill Olsen posted on his blog that Code Red were going to chuck everything else aside because they (i.e. he) were going to concentrate only on the WONDER WOMEN release! And the reason? Apparently another video label in the US, Fred Olen Ray's Retromedia, were also planning to release the film!

I've been trying to follow this confusing mess on Facebook and where ever else in Cyberspace there's been news about it, and it appears that both labels somehow have gained copyrights for the film! So as of right now, it seems we can expect a dvd release of WONDER WOMEN from both Retromedia and Code Red! The cover posted here is for the Retromedia release. I haven't seen a cover for the Code Red dvd yet. I must admit Retromedia's cover looks pretty fucken awesome! The extras sound great too:

16x9 35mm HD transfer
Commentary Track by director Bob O'Neil
Super 8mm Home Movies behind the scenes in Manila
Radio Spots
TV Spots
Theatrical Trailer
European scenes missing from US theatrical
and more...

The only Code Red extras that I'm aware of is the commentary track that was mentioned on their blog and which features director O'Neil with Nathaniel Thompson (it's a different track than the one for the Retromedia dvd).

Here are some screen grabs from the SWV dvdr:

Monday, March 25, 2013

Aenigma! #1

I kinda had to check with the reality people if I was still in 2013 or if I had somehow got thrown back to the early 1990s when I received this yesterday!!! Occasionally there's still being published new fanzines "kinda like" the old ones... but they're NOT quite like the old ones. They're written on computers and they're printed properly and they have pictures in perfect quality and they're in colour. Nigel Maskell's new gore flick zine AENIGMA! is written on a typewriter, the reviews are cut out with a pair of scissors and are glued into the pages the old-skool way!! Most of the pictures are covered up and you can't see what they hell they are. This is awesome!! Hell, for a moment there I thought he had copied my own 20 year old zine BANNED IN BRITAIN but, nope, all his own!! (Nigel DID tell me he's read the old BIB's and got inspired which is awesome. Imagine being able to inspire someone 20 yrs after you've done whatever you did). AND THE PRICE IS OLD-SKOOL TOO. £2!! Issue #2 is already in the works and even covers our great national pride, Bodil Joensen. Good on ya, Nigel!

You can order the mag via AENIGMA!'s facebook page. The price is £2 + postage (to Euroland it's 4 quid in total).

Thursday, March 21, 2013


There's a new SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO website in town!! I just received a couple of email notifications about their new site and I thought I might as well post about it here as I have always had a weak spot for this multo cool'o label. Yes, they are bootleggers and yes their dvd-r's are crappy (cos the glue on the stickers ruin the discs!!) but, hell, they love old psychotronic movie and so do we here at the ol'e Lejemorder mansion (yes, that's a royal "we"!).

I haven't really checked out the new site but one thing I noticed is that they advertise they're now taking international orders. Holy mackerel, Batman! I guess that means those of us who are doomed to live out here in the Cursed Earth (i.e. opposite of living in God's own country) are finally allowed to place orders officially! Hee-haw!!

At the old site you could also order from overseas but it was tricky as you had to order thru old-skool emails and pay directly into their PayPal account. Anyhoo, it looks good. Check it out.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

THE MISFITS - live, 1983

I've posted bits and pieces from this cool gig by the old legendary US punk-horror-schlock band THE MISFITS before but, lo and behold, I've just discoverd someone has uploaded the full show to Youtube. Cheer, mate! Great stuff!!

Info and track-list from the YT page:
From Misfitscentral dot com: "This was a day show for the cable access TV program, "Why Be Something You're Not" filmed in a storage room at Group W Cable in Dearborn, MI."

Earth A.D.
I Turned Into A Martian
Queen Wasp
Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?
Hate Breeders
Horror Business
We Are 138

DEAD MEN WALK (Sam Newfield, 1943).

I watched this excellent horror movie last night (I've seen it before). George Zucco stars in a double role as a doctor and his own evil, deceased brother who dabbled in the occult while he was alive. And maybe still does in the beyond. Dwight Frye is also in there more or less repeating his part from DRACULA. Don't believe this deadbeats at IMDb who rated it 4.5/10!

There's probably awful PD dvds around but the Retromedia disc I bought uses a great looking print.

PS: the 4-film dvd I linked to is the same as the one I bought. Amazon has listed it as an Image Entertainment release but the copy I have clearly says Retromedia on the cover and on the disc.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

FILIPINO A BETTER TOMORROW (1992) - dir: Willy Milan, Philippines

aka Dalawa Man Ang Buhay Mo, Pagsasabayin Ko (original title)

Today, Jesus Manuel mention to me that a Filipino remake of John Woo's awesome breakthru film, A BETTER TOMORROW, had been made back in 1992 and had been posted on YouTube. Needless to say, A BETTER TOMORROW is the film that kicked off a thousand movies in that genre a lot of us came to love as the "heroic bloodshed" genre.

I've just finished watching the movie and, wauw, just... wauw!!! It's not just a remake of the first film, it remakes BOTH #1 and 2 all in one! The film runs for 109 minutes and it's just as explosive and shoot-em-out'ish as the Hong Kong original versions! And altho the film is spoken in Tagalog there's enough English dialogue to follow the plot (which we know already anyway).

A lot of the well known scenes from the original films are copies frame by frame but there's also minor differences; Chow Yun Fat's character isn't the brother of the younger policeman but his dad, and there's quite a few scenes with the young policeman's mum and his girlfriend. And of course half way thru, Chow Yun Fat's character's brother arrives from the States (and does an over the top rendition of a Filipino having been brought up in the USA. OVER THE TOP I tell you!!! LMAO). The one thing that probably stands out as being different it's the fact that the Filipino version isn't as stylish as John Woo's masterpiece; it's a more crude film.

The well known music score from the original film is used all throughout this remake as well. Actually, the few times they used some different music I wish they hadn't as it's just bland rock music.

The version posted on YouTube is from a video tape but it looks great most of the way thru. There's some unfortunate drop-outs half way thru and towards the end but nothing serious, and this may very well be the only way to watch this film anyway. I downloaded the film with the Firefox downloader which gives you the option to DL in different formats and qualities. I downloaded it in the best possible quality and made a dvd-r of it (as I much dislike watching films on a computer, I'm old-skool I wanna watch my films on a TV set!!). The quality of the dvd-r is actually better than most HK VCD's so I can recommend downloading it (who knows when YouTube will remove these films again). Highly recommended!

Recognise this scene? Yes, the "Chow Yun Fat walks into restaurant and shoots everyone" scene. Just in this film the gunman is slightly older.

The full film:

PS: I should point out "Filipino A Better Tomorrow" is our own fan-title, not the film's real title. Duh!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The healing power of Danish. Now, pass me that Wienerbrød!

I discovered this video yesterday and thought here was one more weirdo American (the USA being such a vast country means there's a LOT of them over there already. lmfao. Fortunately it's mostly the other ones I'm in touch with. lol) - but it turns out the video is fake. It's still very funny though. And interestingly enough, I'm apparently more of a journalist than the reporters at Danish national radio, Danmarks Radio, who covered the story believing it to be real. Suckers!!

But granted, she has done her homework to make it look real, she even has a blog and a facebook page. Go here. But leaving videos on her YouTube channel in Perfect Danish (and having her bio on IMDb) kinda ruins it. LOL

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

EXTRAS: big Greek subs

Recently, I mentioned the upcoming dvd of THUNDER OF GIGANTIC SERPENT (aka Terror Serpent) from ATTACKAFANT ENTERTAINMENT and also mentioned that I was going to order a bootleg off eBay since the official dvd might still take a while to get released. I've finally received the dvd and as I expected the disc is a bootleg off a vhs and... yes, it's off a Greek video tape. LMAO. The picture quality looks like a second generation vhs dupe. I wish I could have got a dvd from that guy from Global in South Africa (as his dvd is probably off a real film print) but, oh well, at least I get to watch the film. I'm still looking forward to the official dvd, of course. It's bound to look better than this.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Murder by Decree - NL video cover

Thanks to Cinehound member KindOfB who posted the Dutch video cover for MURDER BY DECREE on Facebook on response to yesterday's post. Pretty cool cover I'd say!

Monday, March 4, 2013

MURDER BY DECREE (1979) - by Bob Clark, USA

It's been 6-7 yrs since I last watched MURDER BY DECREE (1979), a film in which Sherlock Holmes meets none other than Jack the Ripper! DECREE is directed by Bob Clark who made a bunch of cool horror movies (DEAD OF NIGHT, CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS, BLACK CHRISTMAS - and he also made PORKY'S but that's an entirely different story. LOL). The film has a good atmos and is pretty good. Not a masterpiece by anbody's standards but worth the rewatch (every 7 years, lol).

The version I watched is the Aussie fullscreen ex-rental VHS.

PS: FINAL EXAM is from one of the trailers on the tape.


PS.PS: Big thank yous fly out to Henrik Larsen who gave me the tape a long time ago.