Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More films on that thar much discontinued, deleted and outdated format

Here's a handful of rare tapes coming my way that you need to know about xD

The original, uncut and letterboxed version of THE BEASTS aka Flesh and Bloody Terror on Dutch VHS. Big thanks to Teade in Holland for this swap (he's gonna get some nice stuff too). I've just watched a DVD-R copy of it and it's just soo much better than the terrible Flesh version!

Ahh, another old favourite!! HAUNTED COP SHOP II on NTSC VHS. This film is so over the top wild and amazing it's just awesome. Ricky Hui is in it and I'm sure you know what that means, haha. One of the last lines in the film is the classic (?) "I'll remember him every time I urinate". xD

BEAUTY INVESTIGATOR starring the lovely (and kickass'ly) Moon Lee and Yukari Oshima. I already have this on a DVD but it's dubbed into English. I didn't have time to write the seller and ask him about this tape but I'm crossing my fingers it's subtitled.

[You can click all scans for bigger size]

Lady Vampire aka Miss Magic (1988)

Here's a Hong Kong horror movie from the 80s that I haven't actually watched. Look like great fun. I did a quick seach at Dddhouse and Yesasia and unfortunately I don't think there's neither a DVD or VCD out.

Here's a scan of the old video release:

[click scan for bigger size]

Credits from Hong Kong Cinemagic:
Director :
Fung Hak On

Action Director :
Fung Hak On

Writer :
Paang Chi Ming, Szeto Cheuk Hon

Cast :
Petrina Fung Bo Bo
Norman Chu Siu Keung
Billy Lau Nam Kwong
Bill Tung Biu
Chung Fat
Tai Bo
Teddy Yip Wing Cho
Chan Laap Ban
Ma Chao
Huang Ha

And a big hello goes out to the newest blind disciple here in my wee cult; Aaron of The Death Rattle blog which I've never seen before but it sure looks cool! Aaron also does The Mill Creek Massacre blog. Check 'em out. And I see Cinehound member Sleazeman2001 is here too. Nice to see ya buddy. Congrats with that awesome CENTEPEDE HORROR tape!!!

EDIT: Shortly after having written this post I actually won the tape shown here. Yay!