Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wish you were here

Bill Barounis (with cool sunglasses on the left) passed away today three years ago.

Bill ran the coolest dvd label ever, ONAR FILMS. I never met Bill but like a few of us I knew him through correspondence; through Cinehound worldweird film forum, and through trading films with him. He lived in Greece and saw it as his life project to track down lost Turkish cult films and release them. In 2009 he got brain cancer and passed away in 2010.

The guy on the right, grinning like an undertaker, is Tom from Switzerland who met him in 2010 during a period when we all thought Bill had beat the illness. With Jared Auner (of Mondo Macabro and "Worldweird" blog) I maintain the semi-official ONAR FILMS fb page.

Bill could be tough but he knew who his friends were. He is sorely missed.